Sick, Sad World

We woke up this morning, pulled out of our little hideaway, and headed south. As we drove through Acapulco we saw about 100 heavily armed police officers throughout town. It wasn’t until we got online tonight and received worried emails from family that we realized there was a slaughter in Acapulco last night. The bodies of 15 narcos were found at a shopping center. This is a terrible tragedy, and rightfully so many of you are concerend for our safety. We are ok. We are 400 km south and we are safe.
While reading about Acapulco online we came across the other tragedy that happened in Arizona today. I’m sure you all know about the terrible shooting that happened right there in the US.
It seems to us that the entire world is going insane. Tonight we are sad.
-Tree, Stevie, Kiki.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm so glad to know you three are safe. Maybe it's time to head on out of Mexico.
    Safe travels,

  2. I was headed to Romania to go skiing in 1989… i had no idea until i asked for directions to the consulate from the hostel owner what was going on. You guys are doing great. Everybody has you wrapped in a protective shield of love!

  3. Desperation breeds insanity. As long as there is hunger and suffering there will be insanity, but it might help to remember that not everyone is insane. Most of us want the world be be safe and loving. Most of us are trying to move to new awareness and compassionate action. The media just doesn't report on all the millions of kindnesses that happen every day – like the ways in which you two reach out to others to help, as you travel. We must not lose hope. . . we must believe in change. Stevie's invitation to join Center for Global Justice was another good start . . we must each do what we can.
    Keep the Fe.

  4. so happy you are okay.

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