Where the Wild Things Are

We are loving Guatemala! The people are so nice, and we feel very safe. The most dangerous thing appears to be the driving, and I’m not talking about traffic. Although you won’t find many helpful road signs in Guatemala, you’ll find plenty of warnings about Where The Wild Things Are.

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  1. Hey Tree, on that last shot, which one is the sign and which one is you? hehe

  2. You two are a hoot! (are there any PEOPLE in Guatamala?) Have you actually seen any animals? Show us pics of the people too!

  3. ok y'all- my most favorite photos yet. sooooo irreverent. i hope i get to giggle til i snort sometime in the near future with you! central america, git ready, it's time to pee your pants.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You put that thing on your face?! You guys are hilarious…my favorite is the shot of the "animals" crossing the road! I am so glad you are having so much fun! I miss you. Love, cheryll

  5. Yeah, Stevie, isn't that thing on your face YOUR FUNNEL??? GROSS!!!

  6. For the sake of comedy, I'll do ANYTHING. Just kidding…It's an 'extra' funnel that I had in storage. It was still in the package, I swear.

  7. You two are having WAY too much fun.

  8. Love the pictures!

  9. AAhh…the instructions for the "go girl" are for another orifice honey!!

  10. Hey Pete, haha, you are a pretty funny guy. Hope you guys are doing well. Come down to costa rican and meet up with us for some surfing

  11. Anonymous says:

    So… about the video. Who does that? Sending Stevie into the bushes after what's obviously Chewbacca's evil cousin? I think Stevie should take a closer look at this adventure of yours.
    John Hart

  12. Dear John Hart,
    Lesson #1 for you my friend…

    Everyone knows the best way to protect your woman is to create a distraction against the perpetrator/predator. If you are the first one attacked, how can you possibly defend her? If no other distractions are available, you may need to have your woman become the bait… I mean distraction. If the perpetrator/predator is busy attacking your woman, you'll have a much better chance to escape… I mean retaliate.

    At the end of the day, always know what is at risk. I have a future NFL career to think about. I'd be useless with a torn ACL or broken ribs or a bad case of dead. TREE

  13. Kerri Sherman says:

    HAHA…I love these pictures (especially the one with the liberator) 🙂

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