Aloha Honduras! El Poy Border Goes Down…

As we approached the El Salvador/Honduras border crossing this morning I got that feeling in my stomach that I always get before entering a new and unknown country. Nervousness, excitement, anxiety. I love that feeling. Stevie usually doesn’t get excited about a new country until we’re there, but I like to build it up in my head way before we arrive. I’ve been amped up about Honduras for a couple weeks now. So far it hasn’t disappointed.

Although it took a long time because there where 3 vehicles, getting across the border was pretty easy. There were no corrupt officials here and no aggressive ‘helpers’. We did not encounter one single police checkpoint. All this affirmed our decision to skip the hellish lower border crossing. We made the right call taking this longer route, plus now we really get to see and enjoy Honduras instead of rushing through and dodging cops.

Approaching the Hondo border. Not looking too bad…

Stevie adding the Flag of Honduras onto the Sprinter. Yes, I know. Its crooked. I’ll be doing all flag applying from now on…

Our drive through the huge rolling green mountains was spectacular. This country is so beautiful it’s hard to describe…

Dave and Ann led the caravan, Sprinter Life was in the middle, and Chad and Emily brought up the rear. The roads were fairly rough in places but we just took it slow. It occurred to me when looking at the map how close we were to the road that we drove through Southern Guatemala on weeks ago. It’s a testament to how much Sprinter Life is zig-zagging through Central America. Good form! Wouldn’t want to miss anything.

Check out this color, so raw… (both photos below)…

Due to the slow border crossing and rough roads, we didn’t make our final destination for the day. But we found a cool little town, Santa Rosa De Copan, and checked into a hotel a block away from the central plaza. In the plaza we found this one million year old tree.

Kiki is always a good ice breaker when making contacts with the locals. The kids always seem to rush her. All they want to do is touch the fur. Most have never seen a dog like Kiki before, yet somehow they all seem to know the word “fluffy.” This little kid thought he was going to take Kiki home with him.

We’re really stoked to be in Honduras. So far the reoccurring theme has held true. That is, the people in the next country are not horrible or scary as the previous country would have you believe. We are finding the people here to be some of the nicest we’ve met! Today we are heading to Copan Ruins. Stay tuned… TREE

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  1. I love you two. So so cool.

  2. looks beautiful

  3. Looks nice Fluffy.

  4. Oh my god, watch out for that shark Simko!

  5. Awesome!

  6. Much love from Puerto Morelas. Glad you arer continuing to pay very close attention to safety while continuing on your journey. Love you so much!

  7. Paul and Renee says:

    Hi guys! It´s hard to find information about the crossing at Perquin. I only find one story about a guy don´t getting a permit for Honduras and having major problems when trying to leave Honduras afterwards. Another story i read is of a guy who payed 300 dollar to enter Honduras, although at the El Amatillo crossing..
    So i am interested in your experience at the El Poy crossing because i think we should take that one.. Did you pay a lot eventually for your permits??
    Thanks again, sorry to bother you!! Paul

  8. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    Paul! I'm happy to hear that you two are safe and on the road! We actually don't know anything more than what the Lonely Planet book says about the Perquin border crossing. We've never talked to anyone who has done it, and we've only done the El Poy one, ourselves. The El Poy crossing was a breeze though!! You need 2 copies of everything (passport, title, and license of one person) and $34 in order to get your vehicle permit, and the whole process takes about one hour, maybe an hour and fifteen minutes.
    Check your email for more info…I have contact info of another biker couple to give you and a great overland bike site!! Be safe, take care, and stay in touch. -Stevie

  9. Eric and Tammy says:

    wow, that tree photo is crazy! I don't think it's really a million years old though. Try again.

  10. Love that photo of the guy cooking. It tells so much about the man's life. And the crooked flag is perfect Stevie. That's how life is sometimes, right? Imperfect.
    It makes me smile.

  11. yep. Straight lines are boring.

  12. So rumor has it, you two haven't left LA and are actually photographing and videoing all this from the NASA Moon Walk Sound Stage in Hollywood, Hmmmm……

  13. Love your blog! Where do you guys get all your sticker flags from?

  14. We get our sticker flags from We bought all of Central and South America in advance and now we just adhere them when we cross borders. We both love that ritual!!!

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