Aloha Costa Rica, Pass My Pocket Book Honey…

Pass my pocket book honey, we just crossed into Costa Rica. After months of paying cheap prices we know our world is about to be rocked. How about $4 for a jug of water? Or hotel rooms that start at $60 instead of $15. Ouch! Still, we’re super happy to be here. The paved roads alone warm my heart.

We are definitely feeling like we’re way the hell down here. No longer can we look at a map and say, “gee, if we really wanted to we could bust back to the US in a few days”. Luckily we don’t want to. South is the only way our compass points these days. Statistically the most dangerous countries are now behind us (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras). Costa Rica and Panama are more developed, have better roads, and get this, they have ROAD SIGNS! There are only 2 countries left in Central America. That means South America is rapidly approaching. The only potential worries for safety down there are Venezuela and Brazil.

The border crossing between Nicaragua and Costa Rica was a snap. My only goal was to beat Dave and Ann’s time of 2 hours, which we did. One hour and fifty three minutes pal, WHO’S YOUR DADDY!!! 
You may know by now that we have a family ritual at every border crossing. We put the new country’s flag on the Sprinter. For Costa Rica I had the bright idea of having Kiki star in the photo. Here we are getting psyched up for the big moment.

Then we went to work. At first Kiki didn’t realize that I was trying to make her a HUGE star. During her Diva moment she fought me pretty hard. “Dammit Kiki, you’re going to point your paw at that frikin Costa Rican flag and you’re gonna like it!

“Sometimes I really hate you Daddy. Now PUT ME DOWN. The other dogs are watching!”
As soon as we got to Costa Rica we were shell shocked! After not seeing road signs for 4 countries we weren’t sure what to do when we started seeing this shit show. I was paralyzed with information overload. I actually had to pull over. Luckily Stevie busted out the map and for the first time we were actually able to USE it!
We went to Tamarindo looking for fish tacos and waves, but again we were overwhelmed with kids. That’s right, DAMN KIDS who were on spring break. We didn’t even have spring break when I was a kid. It wasn’t even invented yet!  We pushed south toward Playa Hermosa in Central Costa Rica. We reconnected with Pleasure Device and then kept driving. Our destination was the far southwestern corner of Costa Rica on the Panama border. A remote little wave known as Pavones. Lefts anyone? TREE 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    check out playa avellana! there's a great break in front of lulu's cafe…. hammocks, a pig, cold imperials and great food!! we went there a few years ago with the kids… love it!! also checked out mal pias last year. are you going to nosara? fun!! love u!! sara

  2. i like how you say the only potential issues will be Venezuela and Brazil, like Brazil is a teeny country you can just breeze through. ha ha ha
    Optimism springs eternal.

    i look forward to meeting you next week…thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.

    <3 Veronica

  3. Colin Lantz says:

    It's the Boulder, Colorado of S. America man. Come on!

  4. Auntie Coco says:

    KIKI should have the designated job of putting the stickers on……… least that one is straight! Yes, I share your adventures, sometimes even put your shit on my facebook page!! I'm living through you! Love your auntie coco

  5. Madena Bennett says:

    I like all the realty signage!! you know that business is still booming! Happy to know you aer in safer territories for a spell!

    • Madena:

      You are always on the ball… or even two!

      “Booming business”… doesn’t one LUV that almost indefatigable outlook on life You have.

      “Safer territories”… You always seem to have concerns for Your Family, friends acquaintencies, etc.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hehe – love the photo of all the road signs. Kinda reminds me of coming back to the USA after a sailing trip in Greece.
    Had totally forgot all the warning stickers plastered over everything – even coffee cups.
    I'm sure first time visitors to the US must think we're a nation of idiots, unable to be served hot beverages *grins*


  7. Hey Mick! I am totally stoked to see all these road signs. It was hell trying to navigate in some of the previous countries. We finally have an idea where we are!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kiki looks so "resigned" in that last photo – what that poor baby does for her daddy!

  9. mamatuyas says:

    You three are a total hoot.

  10. Wow it looks like an amazing trip! You are an excellent writer!


  11. You are going to love Costa Rica, I know you have been staying on the coast but if you get the chance head to Arenal Observatory Lodge, it is amazing. The lodge is pretty pricey but there are lots of cheaper hotel around the bottom. A day hike through the hanging bridges and the rain forest will treat you to sights of hundreds of amazing birds, monkeys and other great critters. It was one of the high lights of my trip.

    Love Aunt Debby

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nice Tree, and spouse! This is a great blog looks like an awesome adventure!! Good luck!

    Jason McClure

  13. Damn Jason, where the hell are you these days? Go to the contact page and drop me an email. We're heading into South America and I'm looking forward to running some rivers. TREE

  14. hahaha…better cut down on that food consumption! lol

  15. - Mexican Trailrunner says:

    Hi guys!
    Good to catch up with your blog and particularly happy you're in CR!!! omg It really is expensive, 4 bux for a garafon of water! omg We pay a buck in Joco for the standard size garafon.
    Every time I think about leaving MX I think of CR as I miss it still. But. . .
    Another vote for Mal Pais. . .ya ya ya

  16. Hey Mexican Trailrunner!
    We sure miss Mexico. What an amazing country. CR is great, just expensive. We're heading to S America in a couple months and the prices should drop again. Take care!

  17. CR is awesome you guys. Enjoy it!

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