San Juan Del Sur – It’s A BUST!

As we move from place to place it’s hard not to get excited about upcoming locations. Nicaragua surf beaches were on my list of favorites. After a disappointing performance at the Boom Wave I set my sights on San Juan Del Sur, reportedly one of the best surf destinations in Central America. Upon arriving we discovered that this was not going to be the place for us. There were hundreds of college sorority/fraternity kids on spring break. Wait a second, did I just call them kids?  Man I’m getting old. 

The waves that were accessible by car were tiny and there were probably 50 long boarders in the line up, most on foam boards. I am beginning to believe that surfing is the worst sport in the world. It’s fickle, inconsistent, crowded, hard, and frustrating. Anyone want to buy some surf boards?

To top it all off, there was no internet. Different places claimed to have wifi, but upon trying to connect we realized that it must be an advertising gimmick. We were never able to connect, and that doesn’t fly for Outdoorplay.

We had planned to stay in San Juan Del Sur at least 1 week, but we have a hard coded nomad rule that we always follow. If we get to a place and don’t vibe it, we leave. Even if we’ve built it up in our heads as paradise, we leave. The next amazing spot is always just down the road, so we don’t stay where we don’t vibe.

We quickly made plans to bounce the next morning. We set up an urban bivy right on the beach and drank the rest of our gin while watching the sunset. Next Stop, Costa Rica! TREE

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  1. It sure is beautiful..even if it was a bust!

  2. Chris Shinpaugh says:


  3. Tim Widmer says:

    Surf kayak? Get a carbon Kevlar superstar…

  4. Josie Balzano says:

    Loved Tree's comment about "Not my first time to the rodeo buddy". Have a great time you guys.

  5. I remember leaving Nicaragua feeling much the same way as you describe here (for different reasons). Crossing the border into CR was a huge relief – felt like kissing the ground. About 40 or 50k into CR we stripped down and skinny-dipped in a gorgeous river.I suggest you do the same. Buenas Suerte.

  6. stevie, you are glowing, dearest. you look healthier, younger, and happier than i've ever seen you!!! beautious. xo

  7. Agree with Tim. Any kayaks ~ lose the crowds. Take the G&Ts with you in the hatch.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn't call that sunset a bust slick

  9. How long are you guys going to be in costa rica? I have some contacts there. I will email you their info

  10. Anonymous says:

    You must go to Monteverde in Costa Rica and visit the Cloud Forest. Santa Elena is amazing, too!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about the surf but those are some awesome family beach shots! Happy travels:) cheryll

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