A Moment of Clarity…

A moment of clarity. That’s all it takes to change your life path forever. The power of clarity is unmatched. I don’t think anyone has ever said it better than Jules…

VINCENT: So you’re serious, you’re really gonna quit? 
JULES: Most definitely. 
VINCENT: So if you’re quitting the life, what’ll you do? 
JULES: That’s what I’ve been sitting here contemplating. I’ve decided, basically, I’m gonna walk the earth. 
VINCENT: What do you mean, walk the earth? 
JULES: You know, like Caine in “KUNG FU”, just go from town to town, meet people, and get in adventures. 
VINCENT: So you decided to be a bum? 
JULES: I’ll just be Jules — no more, no less. 
VINCENT: No Jules, without a job, residence, or legal tender you’re gonna be a bum! 
JULES: Look my friend, this is just where you and I differ — 
VINCENT: And when did you make this decision — while you were sitting there eatin’ your muffin? 
JULES: Yeah. I was just sitting here drinking my coffee, eating my muffin, when I had what alcoholics refer to as a “moment of clarity.”

I’ve been back in the States for less than a week, and I find myself answering a lot of questions over and over again. Let’s just get these out of the way once and for all.
“Why would you want to drive around the world?” I honestly don’t know how to answer this. I find it hard to believe that so many people find it hard to believe that someone would voluntarily want to do this. I guess because we really like driving?
“Was it hard to leave your life behind?” Well, we’re fortunate. By giving away half of Stevie’s wardrobe, we actually freed up enough space to take our lives with us.
“Don’t you guys want to have kids someday?” Yes, we sure do. Kiki has agreed to share her little cubby hole. And let’s face it, diapers take up hardly any space.
“Enjoy it while it lasts. Everything changes when you have kids!” Ok, it’s not a question but this one actually drives me crazy. Why do people say this (yes YOU Mr. Dentist)? I’m certainly no child expert, but I’m pretty sure that giving up your dream when you have a kid is NOT the example you want to set. The one thing I hope to pass on to my child is that anything is possible, including alternative lifestyles.
In short, I guess I could answer all these questions with one answer. Since we hit the road Stevie and I have been living in one extended moment of clarity. Now we’re kinda addicted to it. Clarity is nice. It’s authentic. So I think we’ll keep driving. TREE

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  1. AMEN

  2. Madena Bennett says:

    …you don't have to give up your lives or dreams when you have kids…but taking them into consideration later (when they get ahold of what they might want) is extremely helpful 🙂 I just returned from a Hog Farm funeral (60's commune) anyway…I'd say the mix of children are just as all over the place as if it were middle america…so it doesn't matter what the parents do…it is how they treat their children. All of the kids appreciated the alternative lifestyle they grew up with. How many people say I really appreciate my parents giving up their life's dream and living in this little box house and working 50 hr weeks at a shitty job???

  3. and you know what was in that briefcase that lit up?
    Marcelus Wallace's soul.

    Very nice to meet you Tree. Here's to future adventures
    in the meanwhile
    thanks for the Mammaries. Yeah, Stevie walks around topless in our room.


  4. Anonymous says:

    There is a couple who traveled (& probably still are)for 11 years around the globe and had 4 children…I think the oldest is 8…great article on msnbc.com I tried to forward, however my tech ability just did not seem to get it to you…these adventures have & do happen!Hats off to you both…but really….the clothes have to go to get the life?? Love to you both:-)Diane

  5. Anonymous says:

    You give up NOTHING when you have kids. The only thing that changes besides having another living being to take care of and nurture, is that you have a fresh set of eyes to experience the world with. The beautiful thing about kids is that they are have a pure soul and they teach us how to see things in a way we have simply forgotten. There is nothing sweeter in life than to see your influence on your kid. When you hear for the first time music blaring from their bedroom that you have shared with them over the years. When you watch them handle a difficult situation in a manner that is wise beyond their years. Their constant curiosity about life and trying your best to explain why things are the way they are. We as parents and adults hold a lot of power when it comes to our children. When my boys were little, I realized that I held the power to really fuck things up OR provide them with a gentle inquisitive sprit that seeks instead of conforms. When you have another to share your passions with about life, they take all that knowledge and run with it. It renews your enjoyment and makes it sweeter because you are sharing it with a child that you and your loved one have created together. Imagine teaching them about kaiaking or the beauty of the written word. They truly are a gift that completes everything. Comments from a mom who gained everything when I had my boys ~ Candy

  6. mamatuyas says:

    What is the most beautiful thing you two share? Your love for each other? When you look into the eyes of your child you will become MORE – even more in love with each other, even more open to learning and experience, more determined to be stellar people for your child's sake, and absolutely besotted with his/her beauty and potential. All your baby needs is you. The Nomad life, freedom and adventure, are your gifts.
    . . . as to the "changes" and "hassles" of having a baby? Hey, you two THRIVE on change! And you've been taking care of baby Kiki quite competently for years, and she has soooo much more hair to brush than a baby! Piece of cake.

  7. Paul Burton says:

    I, for one, am double thumbs up! You're my hero…

  8. Dude, driving sucks. What happened to the boat man? You guys are a bit nuts to want to drive across Asia and Russia and god knows where else. You're going to hit places that make your honduras experience look like disney land. I know you guys are up for it though. So go. Go then. You still here? 🙂

  9. - Mexican Trailrunner says:

    Here's the article. More ammo for your argument.


    Buen viaje!

  10. Eric and Tammy says:

    Don't give up on the dream. Without your blog I won't have anything to read at work

  11. Clarity is something so many of us strive to achive. You guys are an inspiration. Keep doing you. Rock on!

  12. Auntie Coco says:

    when people suggest children, remind them of Lewis and Clark' expedition:

    To look at what Sacagawea actually did on the expedition shows perhaps why Americans
    would tend to idealize or romanticize her character. Sacagawea was a pregnant teenage girl on
    the expedition and she did all the same things that the other thirty members of the Corps did.
    The other men were strong, military men who were used to hard work, long days and nights, and
    rough traveling; Sacagawea may not have been. When she joined the expedition, Sacagawea was
    six months pregnant, and after a painful birth, she carried her infant son across the country with
    her. Like the rest of the Corps, Sacagawea experienced illnesses and injuries. On February
    eleventh, 1805, Lewis wrote, "about five oClock this evening one of the wives of Charbono
    [Sacajawea] was delivered of a fine boy.

    Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Cool_facts_about_Sacagawea%27s_journey_with_Lewis_and_Clark#ixzz1J2keg477

    auntie crazy

  13. The Calgary McLeans says:

    I agree with you on the kids thing. I am not sure why people "quit" the things they love when they have children. Speaking from experience, I will say that sometimes including your kids in the things you love is a bit more difficult and takes more planning, BUT, isn't it better to share the things you love with the people that you love, including your children? As far as space is concerned, our van was smaller than yours and we managed to stick two kids (and all their stuff) in it just fine!!


  14. Anonymous says:

    ah hell, I'll just say. Skip the kids! you got the life right now. Keep it that way

  15. Way to work in the old Pulp Fiction quote. When are you getting to south america? I've got friends in Columbia I'll hook you up with

  16. Christopher Shinpaugh says:

    Keep on Truckin Amigo

  17. sic

  18. And about the kid thing, BRAVO! The African diaper takes up no room, is totally green and requires nothing but a t-shirt. I have photos if you need them.

  19. Hey you guys!

    I just had to comment on this blog post. I think it's so friggin awesome that you guys are going to drive around the world. The world is an amazing place and for us to only experience living in one tiny country for our entire lives seems more insane than wanting to drive around the globe once. As for the people that tell you giving up your dreams is a prerequisite for having kids; these are the same people that tell you sex sucks after marriage and my spouse gets on my nerves. They are such naysayers and it's so sad that our wonderful world is corrupted by so many of them. I feel sorry for them. My husband is my best friend, our sex is amazing, I adore my children more than I thought it was possible, and I am feeling all of this while I live on the opposite side the planet from them. Life is not ordinary unless you make it so. You guys rock and your future little pebble is gonna be one lucky kid.

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