Good Friends Last a Lifetime

I love reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen in years. We hooked up with Madrigal, who we nicknamed “Mad Dog” back in 1992, and it was like no time had passed. He represented Costa Rica in the 1996 Olympics and became somewhat of a celebrity in the country. Today he runs his own tour company, Costa Rica Experience. He bent over backwards to show us a good time, including taking us on a private, organic coffee plantation tour which Stevie really wanted to do. Guys like this are rare. He came from humble beginnings and worked so hard for everything he has now. But he never forgot where he came from and helping his community and country is his primary focus. If you are looking for an amazing vacation, let him show you around Costa Rica. I personally vouch for him. You WON’T regret it. More info here…Costa Rica Experience

Our friends Espen and Malin from UnUrban tracked us down in Turrialba.  We love these guys. They are from Norway and are driving a bad ass Nissan Patrol from Alaska to Argentina, then from the tip of South Africa back to Norway. We first saw them in Mexico, then hung out again in Guatemala. Now they have another couple from Germany caravanning with them. Gorge and Andrea from Toyotours are driving a beautiful converted Landcruiser. We hit it off right away and are hoping to catch up with them in Colombia. I absolutely love Euros because they are such skilled nomads. Mad respect.

Our new friend Luis runs Hotel Interamericano in Turrialba. This guys speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, and some French. Yet another person making me feel es-stupido.

We also reconnected with my old friend Ferdinand and his girlfriend Ruth. If you’re heading to Costa Rica for class 5 kayaking, this is your guy! The lights of San Jose below…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mad Doggggg!

  2. Madrigal hasn't changed a bit. He looks the same man. Glad you guys hooked up down there. I was wondering if you were gonna see him

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