Sprinter Life tour of Costa Rica’s pacific coast

Wow, where does time go? We’ve already been in Costa Rica almost 3 weeks! It’s been a good country for us so far. We’ve driven the entire pacific coast from top to bottom and we like what we’ve seen so far. Yeah, there are plenty of super touristy played out beach towns, but there are also some amazing out of the way secret spots with secluded coast lines buffered by dense jungle and great waves, (sorry, can’t name them on the blog, email us for details).

Our tour of the pacific took us down a lot of bumpy dirt roads. The rain is now showing up daily. This is a reminder that we are rapidly approaching the rainy season, which we will endure from April through August and which will follow us into Panama, Columbia, and Ecuador. Bad muddy roads, here we come…

We really enjoyed the 10 days we spent in Pavones down in southwestern CR. We worked hard on our computers, ate great food, and I surfed every day. Below Stevie says goodbye to our friend Elisabetta…

An unexpected highlight of our pacific tour was meeting Travis, Pilar, and baby Maya. Our friend Leslie back in the US made the introduction via email and on our way through Uvita we stopped by to say hi. We hit it off right away and ended up hanging out for several days. These guys are wicked cool! We plan to head back down and hang out with them more when we  return.
Travis owns Bodhi Surf School, which is located in Uvita in Bahia Ballena (Whale Bay). This is one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to on our entire trip south of the border. It is the only marine national park on the pacific coast. The shore shoots out into the shape of a giant whales tail. Bodhi Surf operates right inside the park on the right hand side of the whales tail. The wave is perfect for beginners and the setting is paradise. Travis opened his doors to us and took us surfing everyday. What a great guy!

 We stayed at a cool little hostel in Uvita called the Tucan. This was a great spot to base while we explored the area. Below the Sprinter Life posse gets deep in the jungle of Costa. 

When we arrived at Playa Hermosa we got a tweet from PanAmNotes.com. Brianna and Logan left San Francisco a few months ago and we’ve been tracking each other’s blogs. We almost connected in Granada, just missed them in Tamarindo, but were finally able to hook up last night in Hermosa. We had a lot of fun getting to know these guys. They’re legit nomads for sure. We drank a few too many beers as captured by the photo below. We’ll see you guys in Columbia. And SLOW DOWN! The best month to arrive in Tierra Del Fuego is February, not November!

We’re back in Jaco now prepping for my departure to the US. I will be flying back for 2 weeks to work at Outdoorplay headquarters in Hood River, OR. Stevie and Kiki will stay here. They have a great room set up at School Of The World, thanks to our friend Zach. I owe you one buddy. Just keep those young Tico instructors away from my wife por favor.

This trip will be a bit strange because Stevie and I have spent 24 hours a day together for as long as I can remember. When you live in a van out on the road, that’s just kinda the deal. Now we’ll be apart for 2 whole weeks. Hopefully the time goes fast. When I return we plan to explore the rest of Costa Rica before moving south into Panama. Good times. TREE

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  1. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    I miss you already.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pilar, Maya and I deeply appreciated your company! It is a blessing to be surrounded by POSITIVE ENERGY and GREAT PEOPLE! Thanks for reaching out and sharing with us! We truly look forward to connecting again. Sending our best!

  3. Miin and Niel, Made of Love says:

    Loving your blog guys!
    Glad you got the good vibes in CR.. they wouldn't let me in by the hair of my chinny chin chin (one month of waiting for a visa in Nica.. long story!).. one day perhaps!
    I love that you guys are constantly meeting amazing people and having great experiences- a reflection of your zest for life and love for others, definitely!
    Have a safe and productive trip home, Tree! I hope we can somehow catch each other on the road!
    Peace and Love
    Miin and Niel
    PS The Earthcruiser is definitely on our list now. Thanks, or maybe I should say WHYYY!!!

  4. always wondered how you guys spend so much time together without killing eachother!

  5. Love, mamatuyas says:

    Stevie, I wish you were coming home too! I miss you!

  6. Kerri Sherman says:

    Haha! The roads suck in Costa Rica. You would think, since they are wealthier than a lot of countries in Central America, they would spend a little money to fix those mini calderas of potholes. When Tree gets back from Oregon, you should check out Cahuita on the caribbean side of Costa Rica. They have a black sand beach, there is a coral reef for diving and the food is bomb!!! The food is much better than your typical Costa Rican "Arroz con Pollo." I miss you guys and am glad you are having a great trip. 🙂 Also, I don't know if you guys have done it yet but you should definitely do a zip-line tour. I know it is a little touristy but it is sooooo fun to be flying through the canopies in the rain forest. Also, we have a good friend in Panama City who you guys should meet up with. :-

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