Santa Catalina – The Pacific Paradise

We worked our way to the pacific ocean looking for two things, waves and internet. Both were elusive, but what we found instead was rain, raw landscape, and friendly people. More rain than anything though. Click here to view video

We drank wine under the shelter of palm trees, bought groceries out of the back of a pick-up truck, and talked about how we want to raise our child. We love the idea of bringing our kid up on the road while exploring wild places like Panama.

Panama is rugged, and that is what makes it so beautiful. There are no high rise condos at the beach. No hotels or tourist beaches. Just un-manicured wide open spaces with wild animals running free…

Well, not all of them are running, nor want to be free…

Stevie out shopping for dinner. Pretty good selection for the back of a truck. This is what I call locally grown…

It is nice to see some places that remain untouched by development. Unfortunately many people are calling Panama the next Costa Rica. Foreign money is buying up all the beach front property and prepping it for development. I often worry about the world my kid is going to grow up in. Will there be any wild places left?

I guess that’s why Sprinter Life is on a mission to see it all now, or as much of it as we can. I want to see these beaches and jungles and mountains and rivers before they become cluttered with resorts and restaurants and disco bars, before they are cut down and dammed. On a parallel note, I can’t believe the Chilean government is going to put in 5 dams on the two wildest rivers in Patagonia (announced on May 7th, details here). My heart aches.
I diagnose us, the human race, as certifiably insane. TREE

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  1. Anonymous says:

    AMAZING! I love looking at your photos

  2. Stephen Novak says:

    Rainy season doesn't mess around that far south. Enjoy Panama!

    I'm still in full-sun mode here in Mexico. Just south of Punta de Mita, a little north of Puerto Vallarta. Big swell coming in. Good luck with the shipping of the Sprinter. Would love to cross paths, but you guys are going way farther and faster than I am.–Steve (

  3. those horses look skinny as hell. Give that poor thing an apple

  4. sunshine says:

    Amazing! Your posts always make me smile! I am so happy you guys are having a good time. Thinking of you as I sit in the ambulance station waiting for the snow to move in…

  5. says:

    looks so beautiful – i love wild places like that. I've never been to CR but I have heard it's soo commercialized now.

    poor ponies they look so skinny. =(

  6. Keep the best kept secrets to yourself then buddy!!! Well maybe you can share them with a few people!!! Much love from the three of us!!

  7. Tree wrote: "…and talked about how we want to raise our child. "

    Uhhh, missed a few posts, so did I miss a big announcement?

  8. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    Hey Colin – no announcements yet. lets just say that once we hit South American soil its fair game!

  9. mamatuyas says:

    Hey there. I'm back from the retreat at eric's, who sends his love. In one of his teachings, he described people who leave behind the craziness of our society to pursue their True Selves freely. Staying centered in their own Inner Truth, these folks recognize the Oneness of all things, and seek to respect and cherish nature, loved ones, and all good things. He used you and Stevie as examples of such people, and of course, I agree with all my heart.
    Lotsa love . . . .

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