Sprinter Life Goes On Vacation

One of the biggest downsides to living a nomadic life is that we don’t get to spend very much time with family. We try to create opportunities to connect, but there is always the gap of distance and cost. Last year my dad planned a family trip to Cozumel and both my brother and sister signed up. We had no idea where we’d be, so we held out. Then a couple months ago my dad and sister gave us the best wedding present ever. They bought our airfare and lodging so we could fly up from Costa Rica and join the family for a week long vacation. So, here we are, going on a Sprinter Life vacation to Cozumel. Tanks Dad! Tanks Sis! 

Upon arriving at the resort we were promptly whisked away from the registration desk on a private golf cart. Turns out my Dad booked us into “First Club,” which is the first class section of the resort. We were greeted with an escort and champagne. We then proceeded to take advantage of the free open bar the rest of the afternoon. We sipped Mojitos made with Havana Club 7 Year Rum and sat by the pool. The open bar at First Club serves only top shelf liquor and runs daily from 10am to midnight. This place could be trouble! TREE

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  1. unreal. enjoy. Are you guys coming back to the pacific side before heading to panama? Dan

  2. Anonymous says:

    where is kiki?

  3. Hey Dan – sorry man, we won't be back to Uvita. We're heading south on the other side starting next week.

    Kiki and the van are both safe back in San Jose.

  4. Michael says:

    I'm in Topeka Kansas. Probably real similar, but I've got the pup with me.

  5. Angie Mazzotta says:

    Fun! We just got back from a diving trip in Cozumel…love it!

  6. rdressen says:

    We were greeted with an escort and champagne… so let's hear what happened with the escort after all of those mojitos & champagne

  7. Chris Shinpaugh says:

    Miss you guys!! I should be there right now : (
    Have fun, make of fun of Junior for me. Love, Chris.

    P.S. The Girls follow you blog all the time!

  8. John Rich says:

    What a life!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Very nice. Why are you selling the van; if it is yours that is listed for sale?

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