Crazy sights of Colombia…

We’re on the road again, and we’re not alone. Remember in my last post when I said Stevie was on a first name basis with half of Cartagena? I forgot to mention the bohemian couple who sold jewelry at the street market. Guillermo is from Paraguay and Paola is from Brazil, and they are backpacking all over South America. Stevie offered them a ride to the next town. At first I was irritated, but as soon as I met them I fell in love. This couple is awesome!

We drove to Taganga, which is a tiny little fishing village on the coast. Our new friends found a three bedroom apartment with internet for $5 per person, so we all moved in! Gotta love Colombia. The picture above is the view off the front deck (click photo to enlarge). We plan to lurk here for a couple days.

The entertainment in this town is fabulous. For instance, have you ever seen a cat nurse a dog? Well, straight from Sprinter Life, here is your Friday night entertainment!!!

Cat nurses Dog – watch video now

For further entertainment, please enjoy our pictures of The Things You See While Driving In Colombia:

Need your household appliance moved? No problem. I know a guy…

The return of the horse drawn cart! We haven’t seen these since Nicaragua (click here to remember)

Certainly don’t feel limited to the dirt roads and side streets. Hit the highway! Hell, cross a major bridge.

Then be sure to stare at the cars and trucks with a confused look, as if to say “What the hell are you doing on this road?”

Welcome to the fish market. I’ll take a lobster and two of those white fishies. I actually really like this photo a lot. Super cool.

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  1. you've got house guests!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Two things you should know before having children….

    1. The dog was nursing the cat.

    2. Thats an ass not a horse. So technically thats an ass cart.

    I know you're a stickler for accuracy. I'm only here to help……


  3. In addition to what Mr. Cisco brought to light in points #1 and #2, I feel compelled to correct following statement from the video…

    #3 – The town in Colombia is pronounced Ta-gong-ga, not To-Tong-ga

    just for the sake of accuracy, you know I love you Tree


  4. Anonymous says:

    Well well well… now that's not something you think you will EVER see. And the doggie was very protective wasn't she? It's good to see cats and dogs getting along somewhere in the world. Keep on the adventure! What can you find next? I've always wanted to see a bananacado.
    Love- Sis

  5. Boys,

    1) Upon extensive research on the internet I have determined that you are correct. It is a dog nursing a cat. I stand corrected.

    2) After analyzing the cart photo using the latest face recognition technology we have been unable to determine the exact type of animal pulling it. As with you, it cannot be definitively determined whether or not it's an ASS

    3) You Ta-gong-ga, I say To-Tong-ga, I say tomato, you say Tomoto.
    If we want to blame it on something, the primary difference is most likely my Central Oregon accent.

    carry on.

  6. Melissa says:

    i have never seen a dog nursing a cat ever! that was weird!

  7. Auntie Coco says:

    Tree should be the President of some country! He can make ANYTHING happen!!!
    I know your marriage will last forever because he will find a way to work through anything!!!
    Amazing videos!
    Amazing life
    Im so proud of you both

  8. Heather Matthews says:

    The dog and cat video really creeped me out. That was NOT a kitten.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yeah – that's not nursin' that's foreplay !!!


  10. John Wilson says:

    Good post, you two.
    Glad you are back into the swing of things and enjoying the journey.
    John D. Wilson

  11. Jay @halftime lessons says:

    Love the Blog, and the life!

  12. Hey Mick, I agree, that is totally foreplay!

    Jay, thanks for checking it out, cheers


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