On my death bed, but the museums wait…

“Honey, you can’t fake food poisoning. I really don’t feel well” 

This I mumbled from under the sheets early Friday morning.

“Really babe, I swear, I’m not just making this up because I don’t want to go to another museum today” 

5 minutes later projectile vomit shot across the room. At that point I knew I had a day off from the Cartagena museum tour. I spent the next 16 hours in the fetal position shaking in a cold sweat. It was a bad case of food poisoning. The worst I’ve had since we crossed the border into Mexico 8 months ago. Stevie stayed by my side all day rubbing my head. From under the blanket I heard her say in an all too sweet voice,

“I wouldn’t think of going to the museum without you lover. Just rest and we’ll pick up again tomorrow when you feel better.”

En Serio. I really love this woman. For a second there I thought I was going to miss something.

The next day Stevie took pity on me and instead of another museum she organized a trip to Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas. This castle was the greatest and strongest fortress ever built by the Spaniards in all the Americas. It was truly impregnable and was never taken, despite numerous attempts to storm it. My kind of place! (click to enlarge photos)

 From the top of the castle we enjoyed spectacular views of Cartagena at sunset…

Looking out from one of the cannon windows…

After my stomach settled down we went back out on the night scene. Check out these amazing street dancers in this video…

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  1. Heather Matthews says:

    Sorry to hear about the sickness. The pictures are fabulous. What kind of camera do you have? I'm shopping for a new one at the moment…

  2. Renee Scherr May says:

    Gorgeous pics of the castle! Ok, I just wrote a review about power-washing my house…and you guys are in Columbia, jealousy is setting in!

  3. Molly Petersen Nardone says:

    Oh Tree! Corby and I just had food poisoning too!!! We feel your pain, literally! Hope you are feeling better soon. Love you guys! LOVE the stories. Great writing, keep it up!!!

  4. Josie Balzano says:

    Feel better Tree, that sucks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    WOW. That castle is gorgeous and amazaing. Glad you are feeling better. Hang tough re the museums. Love ya!

  6. Tree, you once gave me a great piece of advice which I will now return to you.

  7. Dave Adair says:

    The best part of food poisoning (for me) is how much you appreciate your health when you get better! Hope that happens soon.

    And yeah – great photos! What camera and what kind of processing are you doing?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Same thing happened to me after a Rogue trip a long time ago, lost 5 lbs, and….kept it off all summer !! – it's all good *grins*
    Btw – had our first warm weekend in Oregon last weekend, lotsa paddlers on the Little North Fork (Santiam) – it's not often you can paddle this river in 80+ weather………..


  9. That last picture is is the best photo you have taken.

  10. Hi Heather – how is the van shopping going? We just use one of those plastic disposable camera. Works great.

    Molly – I MISS you guys. Please come and visit us sometime.

    Josie / Sis / Tom / Mick / Dave – Thanks for the good wishes. Truth be told, I was faking it. Do you know how hard it is to make yourself puke? Really hard. But I got a day off and a LOT of attention, so it was worth it.

    Corby – Its the model in the picture, don't cha think?


  11. Super!!!

  12. John Wilson says:

    Good write and sorry to hear about the food poisoning. Have not ha a bad case of that, YET, on my travels.
    Last time I had it bad was in Detroit, MI. which I will never forget.
    Glad recovery came quickly.
    Stay safe you two.
    The Big Mozey
    AKA john d wilson

  13. John Wilson says:

    Nice job on the pictures, too. Cheers!

  14. You guys are making Cartagena look like a world class destination. I can't wait to visit someday. travel safe and good luck with your van. Darren

  15. hey guys, how did it go with the van yesterday? did you get it? Tree, skype me!

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