Sand Surfing Coro

Coro is an old colonial town on the Caribbean coast of Venezuela. We had heard that it was a cool hang, so we went to check it out.

Guillermo’s standard operating procedure when arriving in a new town is to walk around for 2 hours talking with the owner of every Posada (hostel type hotel). Sometimes he asks questions about the rooms, but more often than not, he’s just making friends with the whole town. This is a big change from Sprinter Life’s SOP. We usually just take the first place with internet.

Guillermo’s efforts landed us in the best Posada in Coro, La Casa del Mono. This bad ass place is owned by Fabricio, who also runs an adventure and ecotourism company. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and just in case you need it, Slovakian. If you go to Coro, THIS IS THE PLACE TO STAY!

Kiki fell in love with Fabricio’s pet turtle.

Lurking in the hammock, my new extreme sport. I’m getting old.

Coro is surrounded by huge sand dunes. 
Fabricio has pioneered sand surfing in this area and took us out one afternoon.
Stevie got the hang of it and started tearing it up on the bunny slope.
As usual I had talked way too much shit so Fabricio took me to the double black diamond hill. It went pretty much straight down. I sent it though, barely.

Fabricio dropping in
Finding internet remains our biggest challenge here, but other than that, we are loving this country!
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  1. Eric and Tammy says:

    looks like a blast!

  2. Anonymous says:

    SUP sand dunes is the next thing……Get ahead of it.


  3. only if you carry the board up the hill for me Chach!

  4. says:

    cool! how does sand surfing compare to snowboarding?

    Re: SUP sand surfing – lol

  5. it is VERY much like snowboarding. If you can do one, you can do the other!

  6. Anonymous says:

    My boys would love this. Coro might be a bit far though, maybe we can try it the next time we go to Glamis. 🙂
    Nicole (Russell) Hartshorn

  7. Miin and Niel, Made of Love says:

    i love you guys, you are absolutely our heroes in every way. just more proof that nowhere is really dangerous and the whole world is our home. venezuela, we will see you one day!
    miin y niel

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