The Zen Buddhist Art of Patience…

Did I miss something or did someone sign me up for the Zen Buddhist Art of Patience class? I’m pretty sure I’ve been enrolled without my permission and I’ve been assigned a crazy study-buddy.

Apparently the class is broken into two parts, each of which will compose 50% of my grade.

Part #1 – Advanced Van Shipping 401, What Would The Dalai Lama Do
Syllabus – Learn patience on a level of helplessness while simultaneously controlling mind made fears and juggling class 5 logistics

Part #2 – Intermediate Couples Compatibility Agility, Learning To Love What She Loves
Syllabus – Practice loving her while being escorted from one art museum to another in furious temper-testing 100+ degree weather. (earn extra credit – wear pants to fit in with the locals and lose 8 lbs. or more from profuse sweating)

Can I just take the final already? TREE

The Van Update: 
Last week the first boat we booked sailed 2 days early without the van. We signed up for the next boat which we hoped would leave last friday. It was rescheduled for Monday, then moved to depart on Tuesday. It actually departed Wednesday, but technically didn’t really leave the dock until Thursday. We were told it will arrive last night, but it is actually showing up tonight. Monday is a holiday here so we won’t be able to start the process of getting the van until next Tuesday, but we won’t get the van until Wednesday. This is insane.

In the meantime, Stevie is completely hell-bent to absorb every inch of Cartagena, specifically the art, music, and food scene.  I do have to admit, it is pretty amazing. One of our favorite cities ever.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Loving the art!! that pic of Stevie is a bit creepy yet artful at the same time…sorry to hear about the van troubles ….i will stay tuned !

  2. Dave Adair says:

    It's nice to be traveling along with you two. Great photos! Remember when you get too grumpy: you're not traveling just for yourself – you're traveling for the rest of us, too, who are reading your blog. And the worse things get, the better the stories are!

    I came across your blog, randomly, while I was in Guatemala only last week. Now I'm back in San Francisco for a month or so. Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to watch it unfold…


  3. Tree, heard you got really sick. Hope you are feeling better bro.

  4. @Melissa…That's my happy phantom self-portrait. xoxo.

  5. The art is amazing!!! At least you have something awesome to do while waiting for the van; but I feel ya Tree. I am all about schedules. If something is supposed to happen Monday 8am I expect Monday 8am. It would be making me bonkers waiting for the van.

  6. Hi Dave – Thanks for following the adventure. We really don't get too grumpy. When things get bad, we just laugh. Loved your photos of Guatemala. Looks like you had a great trip. Where are you heading next?

    Eric – I got food poisoning and yeah, it was bad. I was in the fetal position for 16 hours. It's the 4th time I had it since we crossed the border and was by far the worse. We call it :paying overlander taxes". If you're gonna live life on the ground in these countries, you're gonna get sick sooner or later. All is well now though.

    Alexis – We're just laughing!


  7. Selena Sanchez says:

    Romancing the Stone….

  8. Anonymous says:

    Love it!
    -Little Lava

  9. Hi Tree
    Good luck on the retrieval of the van. I asked Larry to send a mail to you about a bad experience from a client we heard last week. I hope yours goes well. Its always a game of chance. Mike

  10. Madena Bennett says:

    It almost looks like Stevie posed in the painting with the bride and bridesmaids…or should've at least been in it 🙂 AS they say ask for patience god will put you in a traffic jam…

  11. Last painting in stack… gotta be Stevie next to the bride. Just sayin'
    I win a prize for this.. I know I do. One Love,

  12. Uncle Tree and Aunt Stevie,

    I'm reading the story of Captain Underpants and Professor Poopypants. In it everyone has a silly name, cuz there is a secret code. Tree Trujillo gets changed to Dorky Falafel Sniffer! Stevie is Stinky Pizza Sniffer! My silly name is Zippy Lizard Buns. Mommy is is Chin-Chin Banana-Sniffer!
    I'm going to bonk my nose today!

    See you later!

  13. mamatuyas says:

    yep yep – she's staying with me. What a hoot!

    GREAT art.

  14. Good luck. It took Tom and Janet 5 days to retrieve their truck. More paperwork, and bureaucracy than you can shake a stick at. Oh, yeah, and "I'm sorry senor but you have to someone stamp this document". I hope you have better luck than they did. Keep us posted and remember, tequila and cerveza helps a lot with the patience. 😉

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