Pacifico Amor

This just in… the Pacifico in Colombia is next level INSANE!

We left Medellin by plane with our new friends Carlos (aka Charlie) and his beautiful wife Nico.

Charlie’s brother Cami was already at the beach house with his girlfriend Claudia. They had left the day after our dinner party. (Remember the dinner party here)

The flight was one hour long and we crossed completely undeveloped jungle. There are no roads that go through this jungle to the Pacifico. The only way in is by small plane.

The best part about flying on a private charter was that we got to bring Kiki. PLUS she got to ride in a seat right next to Stevie!

Upon arriving in the small village of Nuqui, Stevie promptly introduced herself to the locals.

Nuqui is the largest village in the area, but that isn’t saying a lot. The place is tiny. The local people are a mix of indigenous Colombians and slaves who were brought over from Africa.

From Nuqui we took a one hour boat ride to the beach house. Our friends have been building this place one 2×4 at a time. You have to appreciate how amazing this house is given that it is in the middle of absolute NOWHERE! Every piece of wood comes from the jungle. It sits right on the beach. No electricity. No road. No cell service. Behind the house there is nothing but hundreds of miles of impenetrable jungle. In front there is nothing but the vast blue Pacifico ocean. This is paradise.

As we find is the case throughout our life, so it was in the Pacifico. The most beautiful part by far is the people. They are striking, warm, authentic and alive! A local family lives in the tiny house behind our friends house and they take care of the place. These people live completely off the grid and completely off the land and sea. Truly inspiring!

Below moving clockwise we have Stevie, Charlie, Nico, Cami, and Claudia.

These people know how to build a fire! Below is Stevie with the three daughters of the caretakers.

Enjoying a pool that captures the natural hot springs that flow out of the jungle. No crowds here!

Believe it or not, there was a guy leading dive trips all the way out here in the middle of nowhere. I was a little nervous about the gear. Both the regulators and the BCs leaked air. But we went and it was awesome! We saw all kinds of fish, manta rays, and two WHALES!

Being in the Pacifico is like stepping back in time. In a world of no roads you have two options, boat or walk.

Only a few people have access to boats, so guess what everyone else does? We passed a family on our beach who were heading south. They had been walking for 13 hours to arrive at the next small village!One of the girls was about 6 months pregnant.

Below Charlie and Cami are kicking it in the natural pool overlooking the ocean. These two Colombian brothers are completely legit. They are all business, yet super funny, super fun, super loyal, and very family orientated. We feel privileged that they welcomed us into their home and into their family!

Although we’ve only known them for a short time, it feels like we’ve been friends with these guys for a lifetime.

I would like to give a special thank you to our Colombian posse. That was the best 4 days ever! En serio, we love you guys.

As I sat on the plane heading back to Medellin I pondered our life and I realized, this is why we do what we do. On Wednesday we went to a dinner party and met 3 amazing couples. From that experience we found ourselves on a plane heading towards a remarkable experience in the Pacifico.

Life is about embracing the moment. Embracing the people. Embracing every experience. As my good friend Guillermo says,

Cada dia es mejor, cada dia estamos mejor!

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  1. UPDATE – Due to our little side vacation over to the Pacific, we are now way behind the 8 ball in terms of getting down to Quito in time for our flights to the USA. We’ll be driving pretty much every day for the rest of the week in order to make it on time. We’ll have limited internet access. Follow our progress on the SPOT page. TREE

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where are the surfing pics?

  3. There were no waves! 🙁 But the surf report was saying 10 feet on Thursday. Oh well. We have no tme now. We have to book it to Ecuador. TREE

  4. Larry at GVX says:

    Beautiful photos, guys, absolutely beautiful!

  5. I just got on line at age 82 and you’re my first blog. will enjoy reading of your adventures!

  6. you might check on giorgio’s notes for a good place to leave your car in quito if you don’t have one already.. you guys rock!!

  7. Just when I thought it couldn’t get much better you posted this blog! Wow, seriously Tree, amazing. I love your writing, I had crocodile tears going. Safe driving!

  8. Looks fantastic!!! Be safe on the drive.

  9. Tim Wilson says:

    Nice, looks like sweet piece of our planet. Cheers!!!

  10. great photos!

  11. Nicole Abusaid says:

    Guys I love you!!! See you soon, we miss you already!!

  12. Larry – thanks man. We do our best.

    Don – welcome to the blog

    Arlene – Thanks for the tip. We’re all set. We’re gonna leave it at Small World Adventures outside of Quito. Those guys are great. Miss You! xoxo

    Terry – thanks for the compliment. I think my writing sucks, but I’m glad you enjoy it. 🙂

    Rhonda – we’re being super safe, especially now

    Tim – hope to see you in hood river in a couple weeks

  13. HI guys! nice blog, It was a pleasure meeting you at the dive center (I am toto!!!) nice pix and great stories!! tree: the leaking wasn’t that big!!! next day we saw lots of wales!!! take care and let us know if you come back to Medellin o Nuqui! Hugs… toto (Maria antonia)


    This is too much !!!!
    One of the best trips ever, can’t wait to have you back.

    You guys rock !

    Please, Please Ayudenmen !

    • I love you man. Lets make some babies!!! But not together. I mean with our girls. Yeah, that’s right. With the girls.



  15. Cesar Morales says:

    you guys rock

  16. ahhhhhh… el paraiso for sure……

  17. Leo & Elo says:

    The wife and I did a similar thing, or tried to back in 1980. We left from NYC area and headed to the Pan Am Hwy. We got as far as Houston, TX when we were told that the then war in El Salvador made passage impossible. We sold the car and bought Airline tickets to La Paz Bolivia and we did a lot of travel by bus after that. It was great for the most part. After a year or so we were transferred to Mexico, and spent 7 yrs in the

    Love your enthusiasm

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