Salento Colombia – Valle De Corcora

We left Medellin in a full sprint to get to Quito before our plane leaves in a few days. But despite our rush, we couldn’t pass up Salento and the Valle De Corcora.

Six hours south of Medellin we arrived in the sleepy town of Salento. It was a couple hours off route, but we quickly decided it was worth it after scoping the scenery.

These mountains are covered with wax palm trees, Colombia’s national tree.

We hiked back into the mountains to get a closer look.

As we got higher we entered the cloud forest. This place has really good energy, like a mystical feel.

I’m really glad we came to check it out, even if it was only for a day. It was worth it.

Now we’re back on the road heading south. Over the next two days we’ll be driving through the areas where the FARC have been launching attacks. (Read the FARC Attack post here).

We’re feeling pretty good about the drive.  The special forces have been down there for over a week now so we’re hoping the main Pan American Highway is secure.

Plus, as I keep telling Stevie, if they get us we can always use Kiki as a bargaining chip. She’d be worth a lot on the black market.

Wish us luck! TREE



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  1. Happy Trails! You’ll be fine on your journey to Quito, I have no doubt! Love the new site design.

    • Thanks Val! We’re still trying to figure out how to work the backend of the blog, but I have confidence we’ll get there eventually.

  2. hey guys! We miss you already….. 🙁

  3. Anonymous says:

    That place is gorgeous!

  4. Tree- WP is all about the loop.. the setting page controls what shows up.

    • Tim, what do you mean? Is something not showing up?

      • No, Everything looks great, I was just referring to the functionality of WP. Can get confusing when you start mixing posts and pages together, and using menus.

  5. I have asked for your guardian angels to hover closely on this ride and on your plane trip! Love you guys!

  6. Hello All,
    We rean the gauntlet and we’re safe in Pasto!
    We cross into Ecuador tomorrow.

  7. auntie coco says:

    not kiki!!! that upsets me!!!!!
    I know your not serious about that………
    Stevie, you look soo good, and of course Tree does too, but remembering you as a new baby Stevie, and seeing you now, I love the way you turned out!
    auntie coco

  8. Lucas! Argentina! says:

    E visto un par de Fotos!!! Muy buenas fotos las de KIKI! Ja!! Un abrazo para ambos y que lleguen a Argentina! – Saludos desde Mexico

  9. Joe Sprayskirts says:

    Just caught up on 2 weeks worth of SprinterLife. Gets my juices flowing every time. Forget-about-it 🙂

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