Iron Faith


We need it. We bury our dead, leave flowers for remembrance, send notes of gratitude, condolence, and get well wishes. We walk down aisles, throw bouquets and garters, speak vows till death do us part.

Symbolism matters to mankind. We long for story, layers, continuity, and legend. We mythologize the mundane: we toast our shit to heaven.

And we are free to create, define, and celebrate our myth in our own special way.

Tree’s sister Indra, his brother Adam, his mother Angela, and Tree share a family tattoo. It’s a personal ritual, one created and honored by a small few. The symbol is Fe, which means Faith in spanish.

It represents an undying allegiance to family and a belief in the bond that explains their history, the one that weights their being, that drives their dreams of days to come.

They asked me if I would like to wear Fe too.

Yes! Yes! I do!

I feel so honored–so blessed–to be embraced with such love and by such strength. 

The whole family traveled to Hood River to welcome me into their tribe. Angela and Indra. My mom and sister. I love these women.

Tree with Adam, my brother. Now I have a brother, and I love him so!

Our niece and nephew, Nica and Theo. The newest members of the family. Total gems!

Our amazing Aunt Debby has the warmest heart! Thank you for my own boa so now I, too, can dance with all you wild childs of grammy, celebrating life as it comes (the boa dance is yet another family ritual that I have been fortunate enough to be inducted into). 

Our other Mom Cheryll who opens her home and life to us posing with Debby’s husband, Uncle Barry

The super parents, Indra and Brent

I feel so lucky to have such an amazing family.

Looking at my new tattoo, I see the spanish meaning of faith as well as the periodic table symbol for iron, which signifies strength and stability.  And I can’t think of any image that captures my personal creed more…..

I have an iron faith in love. – Stevie


Watch my family tattoo video – Click here

Thank you Kim from Raven’s Eye Body Art in Hood River, OR for the first class experience and the great job on my new tattoo!


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  1. Hey everyone. FYI, we will be completely offline for the next 3 days while we do a family raft trip down the Deschutes river. Back on Friday!

    • Love the story of your fierce family love. Thanks Stevie.
      And thanks Tree for your insight into the meaning of tattoos. That puts them on a whole different plane for me.
      🙂 Barbara (Angela’s friend in Bellingham)

  2. mamatuyas says:

    Welcome to the Family Tribe, Dear One.
    You have the support and love of all of us, forever.

  3. Once a member, always a member. We love you and you have our support always. We are so blessed to have you, a brilliant, talanted, loving, giving, passionate, loyal….. did I mention brilliant, gorgeous woman as part of our family. Be true to yourself and know you always have home with us.

    • I feel so blessed to be amongst such a strong and loving tribe, and I am absolutely honored to be your sister. You truly inspire me in so many ways. I love you.

  4. I love what a beautiful tradition they have, and I love how quickly you embraced it!

    • Thanks so much Kyle! I too think it’s a beautiful tradition…and not to mention a really cool tattoo. I may not have embraced it as quickly if it was a tazmanian devil or something 🙂

  5. Cyndi Lou says:

    I want a tatoo that says CABO

  6. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Monica Kelly says:

    ouch! this is a beaaauuuuuuutiful story Stevie, it just keeps gettin’ better doesn’t it!!!!!

  8. Val Vanderpool says:

    Love, love, love!

  9. Natazha Aiken says:

    So cool!

  10. John Rich says:

    Lovely post Stevie! Thanks.

  11. Just caught up on 2 weeks worth of SprinterLife. Gets my juices flowing every time. Forget-about-it 🙂

  12. Cyndi Lou says:

    I really would never do it. Kind of like tattoos on guys only. But I will love yours forever.

  13. Tatiana Katarina says:

    beautiful post ♥

  14. Hey Tree, thanks for your reply.
    I’ve passed on yours and Stevie’s comments about what tattoos mean to you to a friend – Loren. He may be in touch with you with some questions to follow up for a term paper he is writing on the meaning of tattoos.
    It is always a pleasure to see your full-bodied lifestyle, shared in your blog.
    Blessings, papa,

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