Outdoor Retail Trade Show 2011 – Slightly Stoopid

I’ve been going to the Outdoor Retailer Show for 16 years. This year things got Slightly Stoopid!

More on that further down the post.

The first thing we noticed about the show this year was, guess what, it’s CARBON NEUTRAL! We kinda dig that.

The one great thing about going to the OR show is that I get to reconnect with all my best friends, like Mike Lorenzo. Mike is a co-owner of Desert Rock Sports in Las Vegas, one of the best climbing stores in the west. This guy is like a brother to me.

My buddy Sam Drevo owns eNRG Kayaking. I’ve known this guy since we were kids. I can’t really discuss all the things we’ve done together. I’m not sure the statute of limitations is up.

We also got to connect with our good friend Colin, former owner of La Sportiva US, one of my favorite climbing companies. Colin is invested in and knows quite a bit about solar technology, and we had a great conversation about our new carbon neutrality goals.

One of the not-so-great things about going to the OR show is that it is located in Salt Lake City, which happens to be Mormon headquarters.

Stevie and I have had a real problem with the Mormons ever since they funded Prop 8 in California. If you want to learn more about how scary this cult religion really is, watch the documentary The Mormon Proposition, click here for more info.

In a nutshell, the Mormons in SLC aggressively oppose gay marriage, and they spent millions of dollars fighting it in California, where they don’t even reside.

Apparently heaven does NOT accept homosexuals.


Moving on…Our super good friend Mike Mowrey always has it going on. ALWAYS!

A couple of years ago, he hooked me up with a private surf session with Gerry Lopez, aka Mr. Pipeline. Then, last summer he had us kicking it with big wave rider, Laird Hamilton. That was fun. (click here to see our Laird session).

This year Mike gave us tickets to see Slightly Stoopid, and he just happened to have back stage passes! Go figure.

I really don’t know how we get this lucky, but we ain’t complaining!

Check out Sprinter Life backstage with Slightly Stoopid, Watch Video Here

Strange things happen when you start the night drinking beer, then move to gin martinis, then move to Red Bull and vodka, then finish on sake. In the middle-of-the-night photo below, I’m not sure of the location of Stevie’s shoes, nor do I know why her legs are in the air with a random bike taxi guy’s hand on them. Most perplexing is why I thought this was a photo worthy moment?

Then again, finding myself drunk and in bed with Massey and Burke creates a whole new set of questions. (Dan, you are not hallucinating. Those are my prescription shades).


Over all the show was a HUGE success for Outdoorplay. We picked up a bunch of new brands, including Stevie’s favorite company in the world, PATAGONIA!

We’re heading to Oregon now. Adios Salt Lake. Thanks for the 3 day hangover. See you next year.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    “drinking beer, then move to gin martinis, then move to Red Bull and vodka, then finish on sake” – aren’t those all the ingredients of 4Loco ???!! *grins*

    Uncle Mick

    • possibly! Hey, we just arrived in Hood River. Are we going to see you guys or what?

      wanna go on a 3 day deschutes trip with us? 16th, 17th, and 18th. We have all the gear lined up. You just need to show up. Lets do it Mick! for old time sake!

      • Anonymous says:

        Wish I could make it over to the Deschutes…..but sis from Wales is visiting during that time 🙁

        Uncle Mick

  2. Anonymous says:

    how is the liver now?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m there!!

  4. I love Slightly Stoopid, my favorite band!

  5. Just discovered your blog – I LOVE it! And love the menage-a-trois photo at the bottom of this post. Good to see you all together. Will be following your adventures for sure. So how come you went Sprinter over EarthRoamer? I thought Dan said you were doing that at one point?

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