Sprinter Life Goes On Vacation

One of our biggest cruxes to flying back to the USA is finding a place to leave the van and the dog. This can be incredibly challenging in the countries we travel in, especially if we’re leaving for a month!

But Ecuador is what I call a “Sprinter Life friendly country.”  In other words, we got peeps here.

Our friends at Small World Adventures offered not only to store our van, but also to take care of Kiki for the entire month. These guys rock!

We’re all packed up and ready to begin what promises to be an action packed month. Our schedule is CRAZY. I don’t think we’re going to have a single moment to stop and relax. Kiki on the other hand seems to be adapting into her temporary home here in Ecuador.

Sprinter Life Travel Schedule:

First we fly from Quito to Houston to Salt Lake City where we’ll be attending the 2011 Outdoor Retailer Trade Show.

After that we head to Oregon to party with family and friends, and of course visit Outdoorplay headquarters.

From there Stevie will fly to San Francisco to visit friends, and then on to LA. I will join her a few days later, and we will spend our final week in Los Angeles. We will attend her sister’s wedding (we´re both so excited!) and hopefully I’ll catch a ride down to Trestles for some surf.

Note: An important milestone will be reached at the point where Stevie and I separate for 3 days. This will be the first time we’ve been apart for a million years.

Our record of 1,200,432,299,502 straight hours of togetherness will be broken. 

Stevie says that the time apart will be good for us, but I suspect this is a desperate dialog constructed in her mind. She is subconsciously creating a “happy place” where she can find refuge from the separation anxiety.

My guess is that she will start feeling mild withdrawal symptoms at about 20 minutes Post Separation (PS). By hour 1.75 PS she’ll be desperately trying to electronically communicate with me via email, live chat, and skype. At 7 hours PS she’ll be experiencing fairly painful physical symptoms.  She may hear voices and will certainly have hallucinations. By hour 12 PS the physical symptoms will become unbearable and the walls of her happy place will begin to crumble around her.

Her friends will call me in a fit of panic and I will advise them to confine her to a room with white padded walls until I arrive 60 hours later. When I arrive I will comfort her with the same words I always use… “I told you so.”  – TREE

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  1. Alexis-soon to be Schafer-Schulman says:

    Don’t worry I promise to distract Stevie with last minute wedding details. 🙂

  2. I know we were only in the same country very briefly, but it’s the closest we’ve gotten! So we’re missing you since you’re now so far away. Have an amazing time at home and with your friends and family, who I’m sure are itching to see you!! Lots of love to you both and hope to see you on the other side.
    xoxoxx peace love and giggles

  3. I cannot wait to see you!!!! <3!

  4. Miranda Maruri says:

    I’m sure Thomas would love to see Kiki…. Did I say LOVE!

  5. Am I going to see you in LA? What are the dates?

  6. Kerri Sherman says:

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! I miss my Littles!!!!

  7. mamatuyas says:

    NOW lets hear about YOUR “withdrawal symptoms” Tree. Come on, fess up – you KNOW how you get without Stevie nearby.. . All the colors fade right out of your photos, you make lonely midnight phone calls home to family, you can’t bear to eat your own cooking, and you get really REALLY grumpy if the separation lasts too long. Come on, admit it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ahhh, poor kiki! you guys are leaving her for a whole month! talk about separation anxiety

  9. awww you keep track of how long you’ve not been apart – how sweet!! and yes poor Kiki – she’ll miss you guys.

    I love that you two are vacationing in the US as a break from your permanent life vacation journey. awesome.

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