Three Foot Tall Humans In Ecuador…

For those of you who don’t follow our SPOT GPS tracker (click here to view it), we’re no longer at the beach.

After 3 weeks of kickin’ it stationary, we decided to get back on the road. It was really nice to be in one place for a while, but as I said a couple posts ago, the road is calling. We had our last happy hour on the deck and said good-bye to Montanita.

Our plan was to head back into the Andes and check out some mountain towns. Before leaving Montanita, our friend Koa gave us some real coca leaves. The indigenous people of South America were chewing these leaves for a buzz long before the drug cartels started using them to make cocaine. They were yummy.

What better thing to have on a drive through the Andes!

Rolling out the coastal plains we drove through huge banana plantations. Scattered shacks surrounded the fields. After all the places we’ve been, it still shocks me to see the conditions some people live in. As my beautiful wife once said,

“I guess some countries grow bananas and some countries eat them.” (read that post here)

Our destination for the day was a world famous Ecuadorian town calledĀ Banos. I must admit, the place is gorgeous.

As with most Latin American towns, the center was a large beautiful church. This country seems to have an unusually high catholic population compared to the other countries we’ve been to. I’m guessing that instead of an average of 95% catholic, Ecuador is more like 98%. Just a guess.


For the life of me I can’t figure out why Stevie and I are always sick. I mean sure, we weren’t raised eating rodents, but they are well cooked. What’s the problem with our gringo stomachs.

As I keep telling Stevie, we just need to try harder.

We’ve been seeing a lot of 3 foot tall humans lately. I find it hard not to stare. I know it’s rude. I’ll own that.

Stevie, as always, is quick to mingle. I think she really likes feeling like the tall person in the crowd. BMOC baby.

Although, for the record, you’re kinda cheating babe. You’re wearing platform flip flops. She is not.

Our stay here will probably be short. We’re meeting my Mom in Northern Peru in 3 short weeks, so we’ll be heading south shortly.

Cada dia es mejor,




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  1. Oh Wow!! That is such a beautiful place. I hiked to find many a waterfall there. Be sure you take a bath.

  2. You guys have landed in OZ!

  3. HA your time there will be Short! 3 short weeks…heehee…i want some coca leaves šŸ™‚

  4. Andria Davis says:

    Awesome–I love Ecuador, Banos and Ecuadorians!

  5. Keep your locs on when your chewing those coco leaves. Me and jezzee jezzee rolling with our locs on. Smoking something good fucking up the ozone.

  6. HEY!
    I’ve been dinking coca tea since I got to Cusco last month. It helps with sorroche (altitude sickness), plus gives me extra energy. Coca has been chewed for thousands of years in the Andes. It has thirteen different alcoloids (marijuana has one) which help improve digestion, respiration in this high altitude, energy, stamina, you name it! The Andean people chew the leaves with a “catalyst”, usually ashes from plant stalks. Everone I’ve met here in Peru drinks the coca tea like we do coffee in the States. Indigenous folks chew it a lot still. They make wine, liqour, candy, chocolate – MANY things include coca. And its considered medicinal here – (it took North Mericans to figure out how to maake cocaine
    Just a warning – it WILL keep you awake at night if you chew in the afternoon or evening!
    Can’t wait to see you in Trujillo!

  7. I hear you on the stomach issue but I recommend squeezing a whole lime in a cup of warm water 3 times a day and drinking like a tea. It’s an old remedy but it helps with parasites and street food bacteria!

  8. I have one short comment. Ummm I forgotā€¦short term memory loss.

  9. Ben Casados says:

    “Greetings from Huntington Beach, CA

    On being sick, is this a fact or were you joking.

    When I traveled in South America the advice i was given was the following :
    Limit the much lettuce you eat.
    The water is always a problem, bottled water is not reliably sate, If you need to drink it take the smallest amount possible.
    And most important: Eat small quantities! No matter how delicious the food.
    I followed these general rules and I am happy I never had sick day, in three tours of SA. Overall you really sound like you are having a good time!!

    Ben Casados

  10. that’s a gorgeous town you’re in. but those rodents, they don’t look too pretty.

    man, even i would feel tall in this town!!

  11. A lifetime of chewing coca leaves and eating rodents? You would be 3′ tall and toothless too.
    Sounds like fun!


  12. Nice little town to get t-o – looks great.
    Coca leaves – need I add to the comments?
    Pepto Bismol – alway a last ditch effort to make it stop.
    Good pics on the post!
    John D. Wilson

  13. Greg Lavespere says:

    Great Photo of you and Stevie! Love it.

  14. Why do you assume it was the North Americans who synthesized cocaine from coca leaves????

    You are wrong–it was a German Nobel chemistry prize winner (1915) named Richard Wilstatter.

  15. I disagree, cocaine abuse is a world-wide scourge and was a problem all over Europe at the same time as it was being popularized in the US.

    • Man, you’re killing me Anonymous. The only reason the Euros did it was cause we made it look so cool. They’re always following our drug trends. Seriously, I’m predicting meth to take off in paris any day now.

      Haven’t you seen Scarface? That says it all. I rest my case. Nada mas para decir.

  16. Yeah, climbing in the tetons- my partner pulled out those leaves. I thought a bear was following us. Wait a minute..

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