The Trinket Twilight Zone…

trinket  [tring-kit] : noun

1. a small ornament, piece of jewelry, etc., usually of little value.

2. anything of trivial value.

There are two types of people in this world,

those who collect trinkets, and those who laugh at those who collect trinkets.

There is no prize for guessing what type of person I am.

Background: When we arrived in Banos we found a great deal on a 3 bedroom apartment right off the central square (Thank you Miin and Neil!).  It came with free wifi, a full kitchen, private bath with hot water, and a comfortable bed.

The cost, $7 per person per night. The catch… TRINKETS. 

Our apartment is completely covered with trinkets, and honestly, it’s freaking me the F’ out. It doesn’t help that the woman who owns the place is insane. Stevie has nicknamed her “The Dragon Lady”, so that just about says it all.

The apex of creepiness is the kitchen. Empty popcorn, cracker and cereal boxes hang from the ceiling collecting dust. This collection is the by-product of a trinket collector’s obsession.

The problem with obsessive trinket collectors is that sooner or later they leave the privacy of their own home. The next thing you know they’re sitting on the city counsel and are voting in sidewalk trinkets all over town. This is a blatant infringement on the rest of us (the laughers), and is a serious problem in Banos.

However, it could be argued that the bigger danger is when a couple of “the laughers” rent out the apartment, get drunk, and start playing with the trinkets.

I’d almost feel like we were paying too much for our 3 bedroom trinket apartment if it weren’t for the view looking out the balcony at the church and the mountains…

We’ve kicked it in Banos a week now and to be honest, neither one of us are vibing this place. We’re heading south tomorrow.

I just don’t feel comfortable staying in a place where they hang their hammock on the wall like it’s a fine piece of art. Seriously, I saw this and almost called the lurk police. (Corby, is this or is this not a god damn crime?)

This is sacrilegious to me.  

I’m out.





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  2. Fa-Reek-Ee.

    That’s all I’m gonna say. Actually, I have to say it again.


    Make haste.

  3. Ps.

    Poor Kiki. You two should be ashamed. Least you coulda done was dress yourselves up too.

  4. Cathy Alexander says:

    Hi Does hoarders come to mind! Why would anyone rent a apartment and leave their shit there! Empty boxes, weirdo’s! Dog is cute though:-)♥ LUV Cathy♥

  5. Tree,
    You are one funny guy.
    I elect you to the trinket police department – as the chief!
    How can you not dig a lady, though the dragon part seems weird, who collects small people in a land of small people?
    John D. Wilson

    • John, very good point. Truth be told we didn’t dig her because she didn’t like Kiki. And WHO doesn’t like kiki? Exactly! How is the rain treating you up in Nic?

  6. Anonymous says:

    That’s not a hammock, Tree, it’s a trinket tote!

  7. I love Banos!! go jump off the bridge! it was cheap and really fun! we also went canyoning and rafting and had a blast!!
    miss you guys. the road has been calling us big time. we need to get our shit together and get back down there!!
    miss you, miss the road, miss the life.
    love, em.

  8. You. Fucking. Kill. Me.
    I’m the creepy reader that has made your blog my new guilty pleasure. No, not dancing with the stars or bachelor. Your blog. I can’t get enough. Weird? Perhaps. I have something to say after every post b/c they all strike a chord with me – whether it be your humor, political take on a situation, or just your abstract editorial (which you both do….awesomely). I’m creepy. I shall watch. Follow. and Learn. Young Padawan.

    • HOOP! So stoked to hear you’re liking Sprinter Life. Writing the posts is my little daily break from ODP. You and Dan have an open invitation to come visit us anytime. Need a vacation?

  9. Phil & Alexis says:

    Hahahaha. Kiki does look amazing in her out fit. Trinkits aka chach-ki’s are awesome when confined to your grandparents homes. Hording can be a serious problem though. You should suggest her selling or donating her crap and see what happens. It’d be fun to watch her head explode. 🙂

  10. Malin & Espen says:

    Good to hear that you are back on the road. When you get a bit south west of Santiago, Chile, you should rent one of these cabins. I do not think you will find many trinkets here.
    We got here yesterday, amazing place and they have surf as well. A cabin with a hot tub looks amazing, but we are just camping. Price level in Chile is 8 times (or something) more expensive than Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.
    Enjoy Peru. It was a great country to travel in.

    • Hey, what’s you plan?
      You guys are moving fast. Are you trying to make Tierra Del Fuego this fall? Give us your 6 month forecast.

      • Malin&Espen: Ushuaia end of October. Malin fly to Antarctica to work 8th of November from Punta Arenas. Espen spend another month or two in Argentina sightseeing and planning further travels. Malin&Espen ship to Africa in January….. January-August driving norht through AFRICA!!! Want to join us??? 😉

  11. We would LOVE LOVE to do Africa with you guys, but you are moving way to hella fast. By the time you finish Africa we might be close to Ushuaia!

    oh well, guess the next time we’ll see you is in Europe, which I’m guessing is your end game.

    we’ll follow your blog. Safe travels my friends…

  12. Hey Tree, I want to see a photo of YOU in the hat.
    (Your posts are funny).

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