Welcome Home, Congratulations, & BON VOYAGE…

The day before we left the country our dear friend Cyndi hosted a 

Welcome Home, Congratulations, & Bon Voyage Party!

Since we were only in LA for a week, this gave us the opportunity to see as many friends as possible. I’m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to photo everyone. I was slow on the draw with the camera, and then before I knew it, Stevie and I were crawling into bed at 2am. That’s how fast the day and night went.

Thank you friends for coming to see us. You’re the best! And a special thanks to Cyndi for all the hard work you put into making the party happen. We love you. TREE

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  1. The compound at 960 Second St. is just now recovering. It was great to meet family and friends that I had only heard about. Meeting people face to face instantly turns a weak connection into one of strength. Su casa esta siempre aqui; it’s base camp afterall.

  2. Is that Walter with no hair in the McShit shirt?

    • Hell yes, that is the famous Walter. He was in town doing a Honda commercial. Super stoked we got a chance to see him.

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