Xanadu Sighting Off The Coast Of Southern Ecuador…

If you surf, or if you know someone who surfs, or if you once saw surfing on TV, chances are you’ve heard of Xanadu. 

Xanadu debuted on the surf scene in Southern California on September 19th, 2010. Initial sightings on that fateful day nearly caused an automobile pile-up as drivers veered out of control on the PCH trying to catch a glimpse. As elusive as Xanadu is, only these photos were captured…

View photos of original Xanadu sighting here

After that day in September, various surfers claimed sightings of Xanadu on different remote beaches in Baja, mainland Mexico, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. But Xanadu wasn’t officially captured on film again until March 31, 2011. A rogue professional sports photographer in Costa Rica snapped photos from a hill top 3.4 mile away. Using military sniper technology he altered a high powered 33D R57 rocket telescoping lens which he attached to the base of a Cannon 126S B-42 super camera. (Yes, it was night-vision enabled).

View photos of second official Xanadu sighting here

Then, earlier today in a statement released to surf press, several local Ecuadorian surfers claimed a third sighting of Xanadu in their line-up. I’m not saying it’s true or not true. I’m not saying I personally saw it. I’m just relaying what I saw on the front page of the newspapers all over Montanita.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the likes of Kelly Slater show up here tomorrow. Word is that 10 world titles are a footnote in a surf career next to actually surfing next to “THE XANADU”.




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  1. Paul Lyttle says:

    Hey, that looks like a left to me!

  2. Its refreshing to see a man who truly loves his wife – in fact, obviously adores her. And she is adorable. What a lucky woman. What a lucky man.

  3. AWWWW!! This is the cutest blog post ever!! I seriously chuckled out loud for 2 minutes while my hubby looked at me puzzled.

    Stevie you’re looking HOT there. I say watch out Holly Becks, Alana Blanchard cause here’s come Stevie.

    Btw, is that the only board you have traveling with you? I’m about to custom order my next (3rd) board..hehe.

  4. Go Stevie! A month there, and you´ll be surfing the big BIG ones.
    Rafting, kayaking, climbing, rapelling, jungles, Sex Hotels, surfing, exploring -Is there ANYTHING you and Tree don´t do?
    What a life!

  5. Go Stevie………Go Stevie………Go Stevie…………Your the girl………Go Stevie……….Go Stevie………..Your the girl…………

    Thats a quote from Kayden when she read the post………

    Go Stevie………Go Stevie………

  6. You rock. Go catch that wave. Tree you are always peaking too early in your career. First football, we won’t talk about that, then kayaking, climbing. If you catch this wave you will have to start another sport!

  7. ZAINA SHUIBI says:

    I love it!

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