Layover in Cuenca

We left Banos and headed south on the Pan-American Highway. I love driving days. I get to be offline for hours at a time.

Plus you always get to see the craziest shit driving down here.

Is that Jesus on the horizon???

What’s up YO,

My God is bigger than your God…

No time to stop though, not even for a 5 story tall Christ. I’ve been hella stoked to get to Northern Peru, and I’m on a mission. There’s this little wave there called Chicama.

After listening to surfers spray about this wave for 6 months, I’ve deduced that it must be one of the top 20 2nd longest lefts in the world. (Yeah, I’m getting this sport figured out fast.)

We’re still days away from Peru though. Stevie really wanted to stop off in the old colonial city of Cuenca.

And I’m glad she talked me into it. This is a beautiful city that ranks up there with Antigua, Guatemala and Cartagena, Colombia.


Stevie spent the last couple days taking pictures of all the churches and going to museums. I hung in the hostel and worked.  🙁

(Dear fellow travelers: I highly suggest going to the Museo Pumapung. It features an entire floor of colorfully animated dioramas displaying costumes, tools, and life-scenes from a wide range of Ecuador’s diverse indigenous groups, one of which includes five shrunken heads from the Shuar culture. Super fascinating! They wouldn’t allow cameras, so I have no photos to share. Just trust me and go! -Stevie)

Cholas Cuencanas dressed in their traditional and colorful attire at Parque Calderon, one of the most beautiful central parks we have seen

Kiki in front of the ‘new’ cathedral


Miss Kiki at the flower market

The ‘old’ cathedral

Backside of the ‘new’ cathedral

We’re heading south again. We’ve got yet another border to cross, and yet another flag to add to the van. I’m really excited for Peru.

Cada dia es mejor – TREE


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  1. I’ve been meaning to ask you guys…did you buy all the flags for the van before you left or are you actually finding them as you go?

    • We bought them online before we left the States at If you go that route, beware that you have the option to buy some of the country flags without decals…you don’t want that. Be sure to buy the ones with decals. I like that we bought them all ahead of time too because now we’re sort of committed to go to every country 🙂

  2. You Guys Rock!!!!!

  3. Was just up on Machu Picchu, sending prayers to the mountains and skies for your happiness and well-being as you go into your third year of traveling the world. Can´t wait to see you both in Trujillo – only a few more weeks!

    • We just crossed the border. We’re 2 hours into Peru in a tiny little fishing village. We’ll hang here for a week before heading to see you. Can’t wait!

      Lets get on Skype SOON!

  4. Ben Casados says:

    Thanks for the beautiful photographs. Cuenca appears to be beautiful city. Are you still in Ecuador?

    Thanks and good travels.


  5. You two have such different writing styles!
    Always good to get an update on one of your posts.
    The towns look really inviting, but I guess the road and the waves are calling!
    Play nice and travel safely.
    John D. Wilson

  6. You guys need to start marketing Kiki. Classic postcards..

    • Sprinter cards.. lol

    • Yes! I agree! A couple years ago for Father’s Day, I made Tree a Trucker’s Hat and a T-shirt from Zazzle, with the image on both being an artsy graphic of Kiki with text below that says “I’m with Kiki.” They turned out so cool that I’ve always thought that we should market them. Would you like to place the first order? 🙂

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