Halloween In Peru

Stevie loves Halloween.

It’s one of her favorite days of the year. She could care less what country we’re in or whether or not they actually celebrate Halloween. When the day comes, she is gonna party. Hard.

You can count on the fact that she will try to take as many people down as possible in her celebration path.

After a stressful couple weeks of Outdoorplay work I wasn’t in the mood to dress up, but I agreed to go along with her for the night.

I knew there would be moments she would need me, like for instance when she face planted into a table full of drinks. That was a rad party trick. It left a perfect circle indentation on her forehead from the top of my beer bottle. Thats what I’m telling the cops anyway…

Even though I got a pass on dressing up, our new friends were obligated to participate. Fortunately they were also eager.

Kiki also got to participate in the fun. But at 2am when we went to leave there was no way to walk her out of the bar. There was broken glass all over the floor from the face plant incident, and it was completely packed all the way to the door. I decided to carry Kiki out and asked Stevie to clear a path. I heard her scream “Foollloow meee KIKI”, and then she stood up, turned into the crowd, and did another face plant. A local guy asked me

“Why you carry dog and not woman?”

That was a damn good question. It was a fun night. My wife makes a drop dead gorgous dead person. I feel lucky.  – TREE


Sprinter Life Halloween video clip. Click here to watch it.




Sprinter Life Blast From The Past

Halloween – 2009


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  1. sounds like the same night I had, only in a different bar. And our dog was the cause of the final faceplant.

    • a faceplant is an ok outcome for you. Its not like you decided to go to sleep in the middle of the road or anything. TREE

  2. Chris Shinpaugh says:

    your costume is pretty good! don’t be so humble buddy, must of taken hours to get that look… I agree your wife make a pretty HOT Zombie.
    At least you went out, I stayed home for the trick or treater’s, 2 came before 6pm, I ate all the candy myself, no diarrhea though, just slept 14hrs : )
    Sorry I’m not there to make coffee.

  3. Auntie Coco says:

    YOU are a brave man Tree
    Im tellin’ ya…those Cizek genes can be pretty CRAZY!!
    Thanks for not ditching her after her face plants, you are a good man!
    I hope she didnt dent her beautiful face, maybe next year she can be Freddie…wearing a hockey mask…please no chainsaw, she would try and use it!!!

  4. Paul Lyttle says:

    Tree, I may come down and you know Amanto is also threatening…… I can’t fined my pass port dam!!! I don;t even know how to get there

  5. Cheryll Anglin says:

    Oh Stevie…I hope you didn’t get hurt! Please wear a helmet next year! Tree–great job taking care of the girls!

  6. Ha Ha Ha…..”rad party trick”…..hahahahahahahah.
    Now THAT’s a funny post.
    Stevie. I like the way you work. I wonder if hunior remembers the time I stepped off the wall behind the bar (because I can’t remember the name of the “the” bar) and landed on my face. I’m good at that too. I LOVE that you celebrate each other and appreciate each other’s…..issues.

  7. Zaina Shuibi says:

    Halloween is my fav!!!!! Your the best Stevie!!

  8. Hilarious story…and written so one felt like they were there and could just hear the accent of one who’s had a few ‘extras’….“Foollloow meee KIKI”

  9. Emily Tarpley says:

    You are fucking awesome.
    Love Always,

  10. hehe Stevie…i love how the first pose earlier in the evening is rather tame, model-esque. As the evening wears on, you can see progressively wilder poses. Awesome.

    Tree, if that was me and Nala, i’m sure my hubby would have chosen to carry Nala too instead of me ;P

    Glad you guys had a good time!

  11. halloween is my most cherished holiday, as well. i heart the underworld, and a day devoted to frolicking and honoring our connection to the dead simply makes me feel oh so incredibly ALIVE. im not the first person to notice that an awareness of our mortality can make our lived experience much rich and interesting, but it is always good to be reminded of this fact. if i were president, we would have halloween once a quarter….every three months.

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