My life is flying by….

Been a long week, and I’m pretty stoked for the weekend!

They say the older you get, the faster time goes by.

Is that possible?

Remember when you were in 5th grade and a 3 month summer vacation felt like a lifetime? F’ me, I haven’t felt like that in a while.

My life is flying by. WTF.

Have a good weekend everyone! – TREE

Sprinter Life posse chillin on the roof at sunset. Our new hang…

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  1. Tim Wilson says:


  2. It’s so true what they say…. it goes faster and faster the older we get. Enjoy every moment!!!

  3. Since I moved to Mexico, I seem to be enjoying my life more! I sat on my terrace tonight and watched the sunset over the Bahai de Banderas, it was amazing. I forget what day it is………alot. I like that. You love birds enjoy and hugs for Kiki!

  4. Terry Buchanan says:

    Literally the other day I had a 4 year old running around the house. The other day I woke up and I was 49 yrs old, my son is 16 and driving. I’m serious, it seemed like yesterday. Everyday is a gift and you two are living the dream.

  5. Hey girl!
    Wait till you have kids! LIfe really zooms by! But its exciting to see what the future holds….I miss you!

  6. Mick Evans says:

    oh it gets worse, believe me. Seems like the less time you have on this planet the faster it goes…….

  7. Phillip Sanders says:


  8. Montaña Azul says:


  9. Ahh crap, just slept through it……

  10. Bill Chance says:

    We stopped being like 5th graders…..too much thinking, I think.

  11. Aloha, Little Lava

  12. The older you get the more you start realizing what it is that is important to you, and then finding ways to make those important things transpire…
    Seeing the world is wonderful! So glad to read about someone else who has figured out that all the brainwashing and consumerism is BS, and made the time for what’s important to them!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Maybe its not just our perceptions.
    One theory is that time IS actually going faster all the time.
    Space is constantly expanding, at ever increasing speeds. . . . So maybe time IS going faster too.
    Just the cosmos,
    moving along.

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