Northern Peru Coast

First two days of the road trip have been great. We’ve traveled a whopping 2 hours north. Our first stop was Chicama. We were hoping for waves here but the swell direction wasn’t right. There was nothing but ankle biters. We chilled for a night anyway. Super mellow…

Next we headed for Pacasmayo. Driving the coast of Peru is interesting. You’re driving through little towns and villages and get to see a lot along the way…

Peruvian furniture store…

Oh Kiki, you have such a good life!

I love this shot of the family playing football on the beach with the old boats in the background…

No Sunday in Peru would be complete without the one guy out walking his cow…

We arrived at the point break in Pacasmayo right at rush hour. It was chest high with blue skies and we were the only ones there. FRIKIN UNREAL. If this wave was in California there would be 200 guys out there. Julio and I put in a good session, just the two of us.

Stevie opted for some urban surfing. In case you’re wondering, this is how you get shacked on your backside in Peru…

Today we’re up super early and stoked for the long curvy drive through the Andes Mountains to the town of Cajamarca.


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  1. totally tubular!

  2. cumbemayo– please take pics!

  3. Sweet ride stevie 😉

  4. Alexander Roberts says:

    Hang Ten

  5. Have you checked out this blog? Look like they are from Seattle.

  6. I surfed Churches this weekend. It made me think of you guys. Merry Christmas Amigos.

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