Northern Peru Mountains

If you take a man who doesn’t believe in asking for directions and put him in a van in South America with a woman who has to pee every 20 minutes, you have the perfect storm for domestic disputes. Trust me. I know.

Typically there are no signs in Central and South America. No street signs. No highway signs. No signs for the nearest bathroom.

But every once in a while the “powers that be” mock us. They will actually put two IDENTICAL signs ten feet apart as if to say, “Here you go gringo, here is your damn road sign, now stop whining”!

I’m dead serious. You can’t make this shit up.

With that fantastic signage we had no problem finding Cajamarca. We checked into a great hotel right on the central plaza for $10 a night.

The landscape definitely changes when you go from the beach to the mountains in Peru. It becomes very indigenous very fast.

I think we’ll hang here in Cajamarca for 3 or 4 days. There is a lot to see here.




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  1. I want one of those hats..

  2. Ah, I miss Peru – the Ladies’s hats and smiles, the Andes, the Isles, the Terraces, the History! – and of course – you.
    Hey, Seattle just passed a law banning plastic bags! . . . Just doing our part to “Save the World” before the whole dang globe is completely wrapped in plastic.

  3. I miss you three! Safe travels. Take pictures of all of the hats you encounter. I’m sure you can weave them into your book. xxx

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