Putting The Santa Back In Christmas

This morning when the street vendor came rolling by our apartment on his bicycle selling Christmas decorations, Stevie couldn’t resist. She paid 5 soles and put the Santa back in our Christmas.


In this post I’d like to ask a favor of all you Sprinter Life readers out there.


There is this moron named Rick Perry who just put out a horrible ad.

Please let this asshole know what you think of his ad. Click the link below, and then

DISLIKE‘ it by clicking the ‘THUMBS DOWN‘ icon below the screen.


The current numbers: 9,673 likes, 408,205 dislikes.

If you agree with this ad, please write us a comment and let us know how gay military people risking their lives while serving in Afghanistan and foregoing the holidays with their family has anything to do with you and your family celebrating Christmas here in the U.S.? You far-right Christians out there have SERIOUSLY lost touch with the teachings of Jesus.


Oh yeah, you nut jobs in Congress (and you too Obama) need to realize….

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  1. Maybe Santa can bring Rick Perry and his fellow un-christian fellowship some compassion for Christmas.

  2. . . . Twisting the words of a great Teacher in order to foment hatred is so so wrong. Our country is in serious trouble. That half the American people believe and support such prejudice and vitriol – and justify their lack of compassionate behavior with the teachings of Jesus – is – incredibly, monumentally, sad.

    Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth – to ALL of us.

  3. Man, what a waste of time and money. That guy blows.

    • How is that liver cleanse going? Is there any non-alcoholic wine available down there? You should have told your dr. that you are following the 2 gallon a day plan to live longer. Either your arteries get caked, or your liver gets tired. I think I would prefer the latter, plus I would rather drink, than indulge in greasy fatty foods, (that everyone seems to enjoy.)

  4. Done and done re: Rick “A-hole” Perry’s video. Hey that floor in your apartment looks Escher-crazy three dimensional. love, J

  5. Done. and I wish it would let me dislike a million times.

  6. done bro. good post. Also shared on facebook

  7. gottcha. dislike. bad. that guy is a loser

  8. Walter Burkhardt says:

    I love that Perry is wearing a ‘brokeback mt’ jacket!

  9. Andrea Greever says:

    disliked mulitple times!!!!!!

  10. ben casados says:

    Perry is a dolt! Definition of dolt, “a stupid fellow”. We already had a texas dolt let do everything possible, not to allow another one as President

  11. Anonymous says:

    dislike thumbs down

  12. Politics and religion are like oil and water and Rick Perry is lookin’ like the captain of the Exxon Valdez right about now. How bad do you think this backfired on Perry? The ad is not doing anything good for Christians either.
    As for gays in the military……There was a political cartoon in the paper awhile ago and it showed three coffins draped in the American flag side by side. The caption said “Which is the gay one?”

    People have too much information, too much money, and too much time on our hands.


    Happy Birthday baby Jesus. I pray for a big chill pill for the entire world this year. A collecttive deep breath.

  13. mamatuyas says:

    Well said, Simko. If I could Compassion juice into the water supply, I wouldn’t hesitate.

    • Angela, (Trees Mom)

      If you were in charge of feeding the world……..

      Kindness would be served for breakfast.

      Compassion sandwiches for lunch.

      A piping hot serving of empathy for Dinner.

      And dessert would be a big ol glass of organic (no grapes were harmed in the making of ) red wine.

      And the world would be a better place!

      Love you, and your kids……..Simko

  14. Rick (not Perry) says:

    Rick Perry isn’t a Christian.
    Trying to use Christianity as a tool to hate our good brothers and sisters makes him an evil bastard and I officially kick him out of the Christian faith.
    He needs to get a job at the Comedy Store running around with a big red nose and sticking his head up his ass where it belongs.

  15. Teri Hogan says:

    Rick Perry’s an ass. I had already given the vid a thurmbs down. I bought some Christmas decorations from a Mexican vendor today!

  16. WOW! crazy advertisment

  17. Mick Evans says:

    Fortunately, our gay and hetro heroes, serving in the military, protect Perry’s right to STICK HIS FOOT IN HIS MOUTH !!

  18. So, if we have open gays in the military we can’t openly be Christian? So is the converse true–if gays are hidden in the military then we can openly be Christian? Why can’t we have both? Open gays and open Christian. Why does it seem that everything is mutually exclusive? I want a win/win situation.

  19. reagan gagnon says:

    I just thumbs-downed the video, and now there are over 700k DISlikes and 23k likes. Since Obama won utilizing social media, I think the court of social media will oust Perry for the money-hungry hypocrit he truly is. In other words, I don’t think we need to worry about him winning an election when even members of his own party feel he is too far right. I continue to support Obama. While he hasn’t revolutionized the US, he has followed through on many of his campaign pledges- the removal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” being one. Since we don’t have a monarchy or a fascist state, Obama is constrained by a vast political infrastructure that was put in place precisely so that no one person could act unilaterally in politics. The man has worked his ass off. I think we should give him credit, and then goad him to fulfill those campaign pledges he has not yet been able to actualize. I respect him enormously, and believe he will continue to work tirelessly to fulfill his promises. Being President right now is a really difficult task, and I sincerely believe the man is doing the best he possibly can. We need to remember that he is just a man, working against a global corporate empire of greed. No man or woman could turn that tide around in four years. None of us could do that. If we don’t support Obama, then we open the door to wacko’s like Perry and Gingrich. Get out your Obama t-shirts, folks, unless you want to go back to the Dark Ages of the Inquisition.

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