Road Trip – Back to Ecuador…

I can’t believe we’ve been in Peru for almost 3 months, but the passport doesn’t lie.

It’s time to border jump!


We need to get our visas and vehicle permit renewed. Failure to do so will result in a fine, plus the government would have the right to confiscate our vehicle. That would not be good.

We’re not too bummed though. We’ve been sitting tight in Huanchaco for a long time. As a matter of fact, this is the longest amount of time we’ve spent in one place in over 2 years! I’m itching for a road trip.

We decided that instead of just bolting up to the border and back, we’re going to make it a 2-3 week road trip around Northern Peru. And we’ve invited our good friends Julio and Lauren to join us.

The planned road trip will go north on the red line and then return on the blue line.

Highlights of this trip will include driving through the Andes to the mountain towns of Cajamarca and Chachapoyas where we’ll visit the 3rd highest waterfall in the world. Since we’ve already seen the first highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls in Venezuela (click here), that will leave only #2 to complete the trifecta. Guess we’ll have to go to Africa soon!

We will also visit the world class surf breaks of Pacasmayo, (better know as Pack-a-Smile), and Lobitos, which was made famous by Rob Machado shredding in the film Sipping Jetsteams.


Here are a couple great photos from Stevie’s Birthday. Chris and Carlota, the ladies who live downstairs, threw her a special 4 course birthday lunch. God we love these people!


Stevie out on the town with our friend Tanja from Austria. She’s here in Peru doing Volunteer work with her significant other, Robert. These are the type of people who use their vacation time and personal savings to go somewhere in the world to help people. AMAZING! LOVE.


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  1. Does this mean you’ll be stopping in Colan (hint, hint!) to check in with my dawgs on your way south???? Have fun!!!!

  2. Glad you seem to be feeling better Tree!

  3. have a great roadtrip! Looking forward to seeing the highlights.

  4. Tree –

    we met some folks in Mancora who did the border jump twice a year – they claimed you could get 180 days if you ask nicely. Not sure about the vehicle.

    After your border jump, try to drop into Casa Grillo in Zorritos for the evening. Great vibe, ggod ceviche, and nice warm sunsets and camping on the beach.


    • thanks Jason. We’re gonna try hard for the 6 month visa. I’ve got my bribe money ready just in cae Stevie’s pretty smile doesn’t do it.

      We’ll check out Zorritos as well. I’ll go pull it up in your archives.

      Hope you guys are well. TREE

  5. Hey Stevie and Tree. Great to meet you the other day (with Tanja and Roberto). And glad to hear that you are making it to Cajamarca. I am actually heading back there today to finally get back to work. Drop me a line if you get a chance.
    BTW-Great blog!

    • John, we’re incoming. Plan to arrive tomorrow. We’ll be on the main plaza somewhere. Will email you after we check in. Word – TREE

    • Hey John. It was great meeting you too. We just arrived here in Cajamarca and would love to meet up for dinner or a beer. I was reading your blog and definitely want to pick your brain about the Conga mining issue, as well as learn more about Peru’s investment in renewable energy.

  6. Uncle Tree and Aunt Stevie,

    I wish I could have been there on Aunt Stevie’s Birthday! If I was there would you take me on your road-trip? I’m almost seven!
    Here is a silly poem I wrote for you:

    “What do you do in Ecuador?
    Pour your syrup on the floor !
    When you run out go buy some more
    At your friendly syrup-store!

    And while you’re surfing eat a s’more,
    They taste real good in Ecuador
    Just take some money out the door
    . . . but you’ve gotta be four to eat a s’more.

    What do you do in Ecuador?
    Surf and drive and maybe more!
    What’s the most FUN in Ecuador?
    Pour your syrup on the floor!”

    I love you!
    Love Nica
    (Noni too)

    • Wow Nica, I can’t believe that you are almost 7 years old!!! That is amazing.

      Your poem is very beautiful. I love it! You are so talented and are such a good writer.

      There is only one problem. I can’t answer all your questions because we aren’t in Ecuador, we’re in Peru! As in how do you do! The sky is blue! I hope you don’t get the flu!

      Can you write us another wonderful poem all about Peru?

      We love you and can’t wait to see your new poem,


      Tree and Stevie and Kiki

    • NICA!
      Great poem!! So fun to hear you in Uncle Tree and Stevie’s blog! Keep writing poetry. You are a natural!

  7. Thanks! I’ll start working on it!

  8. Hey Tree, can u send me the video on Joe Rogan about the corrupt U.S. My computer skills are lacking Thank you.

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