Summer in Huanchaco, Peru

Well, summer time has arrived here in Peru. The beach was pretty crowded this weekend. All the kids are off school for the next 3 months and Huanchaco seems to be a preferred spot to soak up the sun.

We really don’t mind the crowds. Our apartment is right on the beach so we never have to drive anywhere. We can hang on the beach as long as we want, but then escape back in the quiet of our house. It’s a good set-up.

Mongo is adapting to Sprinter Life pretty well. We’ve still been letting him out to wander the streets at night. He really enjoys that and we don’t want to take it away from him. But when he shows up in the morning he is always exhausted. I don’t even want to know what he does out there all night!

I know last night he was hanging in the bars with Julio until 4am.

We picked up a bit of that north swell that just pounded California. It was small but fun. And it was good to get back out there. Despite the crowds on the beach, I continue to surf alone almost every session.

Not much else going on in Sprinter Life. We’re just enjoying the down time. I can’t believe it’s already January 9th. We’ve got 3 more months to relax in the apartment before we get back on the road and head south to Bolivia. Part of me is excited to get back on the road, but the other part is thoroughly enjoying a hot shower any time I want one!  TREE


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  1. Hey tuck that wing down when you go backside. That’s the signature Trujillo surf move. Wish I was trading waves with you.

  2. Speaking of hot showers, show a pic of that “electric” shower system! . . . been shorted out lately?

    • Good idea!!! I will do that pronto. And, it’s funny, after getting electrocuted a couple of times, I am shockingly adept at not putting my hands on my head while under the apparatus. Apparently electric shock treatment works for some things.

  3. mamatuyas says:

    Yep, I’ve been shocked a number of times in my travels, just reaching up to wash my hair . . . we are soooooo
    freaking FORTUNATE in the States, and unless a person has actually LIVED like/with the people in emerging countries, (rather than fancy resorts) we take for granted all the wondrous things we have – like clean running water, electricity 24/7 . . . and hot showers that don’t electrocute us.

    • Mamatuyas,
      I just love your posts/replies. You have a wonderful grasp of English and a gift for expressing your thoughts.
      Keep the good energy flowing. Im sure many others enjoy your entries as much as myself (tell her u guys!!)
      I look forward to the way I feel after reading your extraordinary replies.

      Thank you very much,

  4. Hey Tree,
    Good to see you are back in your element. Gonna be a great summer for u guys Wish I could visit…
    18 Months min. then, I will be able to start the passport process. It’s worth the wait Maybe I will see you in some other South american country … Who knows where Nomads go?? Be safe


  5. Stevie you look like a picture of happiness in the pictures of you and your doggies at the beach. I love it!!!

    So jealous you’re in full summer mode down there!

  6. Looks like you two have found your groove – can’t ask for much more than that!
    Always good to be updated on the sprinterlife dynamics.
    To a great 20012.

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