ASP Longboard Pro Surf Event Comes To Huanchaco

The ASP Longboard Pro Surf Tour arrived in Huanchaco a few days ago. They pretty much took over the entire beach for 4 days while the competition raged.

Our good friends Lauren and Julio were commissioned to do the event poster a couple of months ago. It was fun to watch the entire process. First they did the painting on canvas, then they scanned it into their computer and built the poster. The original painting is absolutely sick! You can see it in the photo below. Just image it without all the sponsor logos and writing.

They also designed the poster for the event’s big Saturday  night party, the biggest of the year in Huanchaco!

I watched a few heats of the event here and there, but the swell was really small by pro standards so it wasn’t all that exciting.

I prefer to surf myself instead of just watch, and since the crowds were all down by the pier there was nobody out in front of the house!

The party was huge. They had 4 live bands followed by a DJ who kept the party going until 6am. No, we didn’t make it until the end. My only goal was to outlast Lost World.

Below, Sprinter Life and Lost World Expedition set up a procrastination station outside of the concert.


Kiki and Mongo partying well past their curfew

Mongo has become ridiculously protective over the Sprinter Life Pack. Anywhere we go he sets up a 20 foot perimeter and attacks any dog who tries to enter our space. He also won’t let any big guys in, and definitely nobody running, so joggers beware. After pinning 2 dogs to the pavement by the neck, Stevie devised this new Mongo control system.

Somebody please tell me how I got signed up for this again…???

This is my favorite picture of this post. I call it…


It’s been fun having the event in town, but I’m looking forward to them leaving now. Especially considering we have an over head swell on the way. Pretty stoked!

Drew, can I get some wax?



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  1. sweeet. I bet there were some hot surfers in town eh? I see a lot of these guys train at Sano

  2. Cheryll Anglin says:

    Bring me some of that Trujillo beer when you come home:) xxx

    How rude! That was supposed to be a question. Please?!

  3. Wow!
    Julio’s work rocks, very talented artist and integrating the photo-lab computer software is impressive.
    Mongo seems have some good instincts but, would be more tolerable and manageable in a rural setting.

    Very resourceful Stevie, That’s one way to keep Mongo at bay…

    Oh!!… The Grand Canyon trip is a go. A friend says R.E.I. has some camping/ hiking trips that allow leeway as far as doing your own thing with some of their experienced people to help. Im going to check it out.
    Thanks again for the info.


  4. julio n lauren says:

    thanks for the comments about the work of thr longboard event but lets not forget Lauren was a big part of the work too. thaks Loza

    • for sure, Lauren as well! you guys are an amazing team!

      Swell hits tomorrow bud, sober up and lets get ready to surf.


    • Hey Julio and Lauren.
      I didn’t mean to leave Lauren out of the kudos for the artwork you both did a great job and I envy you guys, you get to spend time with a couple of very cool, caring and compassionate people.
      Oh!! and you get to hang out with Tree too!!! LOL
      Much Love,

  5. Those shots of the first place winner are unreal. That guy is killin’ it. Did you get his autograph when he finished his heat? Dang, looks like he is riding a Bessel. Freaking stud bro. Hey do have some wax I can borrow.

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