Happy New Year 2012!

I wish I could say that I have a great story for the photo below. Something like… “I was defending Stevie’s honor, there were only 4 of them, I had it under control until the 5th guy showed up”. There is no such story.

Unfortunately, for the second time in my life, I got my ass kicked by a fan. This time I was just lying on a hotel bed minding my own business. It was hot so I had the fan on high speed. The next thing I knew I was seeing stars and Stevie was screaming, “YOU’RE BLEEDING AGAIN”!

The fan fell directly on my head leaving a bad bump and a bloody gash on my nose. The cut was deep and I knew that I’d be out of the ocean for at least 3 weeks while it healed. That’s the only reason there were tears. The only one.

This was a complete sneak attack by the fan. What a chicken shit. In case you don’t know, fans never fight fair. I know this from past experience.

Electric Fan Lessons Learned To Date:  1) Don’t ever try to stop a moving fan with your bare hands, even for money. 2) Don’t ever lay directly underneath a fan that’s wobbling and making funny noises. 3) You can’t sue a hotel in South America for a fan attack… I mean accident.

These are pearls I’m giving you people. You’re welcome.

Anyway, without the ability to surf we lost our motivation to go to Lobitos. Instead we decided to bust the 10 hour drive back to Huanchaco and spend new years at our comfortable apartment.

Lost World Expedition headed into the mountains for a couple weeks so we made plans to regroup when they arrived in Huanchaco.

The drive back home was worth it. We decided to have a quiet new years alone. I downloaded a movie and Stevie cooked up our favorite dinner. We talked about our best and worst moments of 2011. And we talked about all our exciting plans for 2012.

As we move into 2012 we’d like to wish you all a happy new year! Out with the old, in with the new.

Feliz ano nuevo,  TREE, STEVIE, KIKI



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  1. Best moment for dragon in 2012: Running the “pillow” while seeing Tree and Stevie’s face in the raft, safely outside the rapid, next to me. It’s 2012 Tree “READ AND RUN!”.

  2. I think that the last picture of the years in the sand is really creative. good work stevie.

  3. Well son, lesson learned….Take care you three and thank you for the beautiful beach 2011-12 picture….it is a “WORLD AWARD WINNING PICTURE” Love you…

    Dragon, I agree…the August Deschutes River trip was a 2011 highlight. Did you forget that I was below Box Car to watch you back…have a great start to 2012 and hope we can run a rapid this year.


  4. Dan Gavere says:

    duder here’s to hoping you dont get attacked by any fans in 2012. Travel safe and keep livin’ the dream:)

  5. Paula Angrisani says:

    Feliz 2012 amiguitos besos a los dos

  6. Corbett Leith says:

    Good morin! Happy New Year!!!!

  7. Tatiana Katarina says:

    feliz ano! xoxo

  8. Happy New Year to you both…so glad you are okay, Tree…something about nine lives?!

  9. Happy New Year from Lorraine, Dog & Bruiser in Chile!!!

  10. Teri Hogan says:

    Feliz Ano Nuevo to the three of you too! Wishing you safe travels and the wind behind your back! Your pic was also my favorite for saying goodbye to 2011! Tree, you are lucky you didn’t end up with 2 black eyes from that fan attack!!!!

  11. A new years poem about Peru!
    Did you have stew for your new year in Peru?
    Did you wear a tutu?
    Or maybe you had a big BOO BOO. Did it make you go BOO HOO???
    Did you go to the zoo, in Peru? Did they have Winnie the Pooh? Was Winnie the Pooh blue?
    Did you see a cow that went Moo. Or a ghost that went BOO?
    Was there a rooster that went Cockadoodle doo??
    Did he drive you Koo Koo??
    Did you get stuck to the wall with sticky goo glue?
    Did you go achooo?
    That’s all for now you little bunny foo foos.
    Love Nica, your koo koo foo foo.

    • oh wow Nica, that is such an amazing poem. You really have a great talent. You could grow up to be a famous poet, like E.E. Cummings! Or maybe you will write more books? We so loved your last book. You are so talented that you could do just about ANYTHING! If it is ok with you, I’d like to share this poem with some of my friends. I think they would really really like it. Please let me know if that would be ok.

      Stevie and I miss you so much. I hope we get to see you again very soon. Please write us another poem when you have time. We know that you are very busy with school, but we love reading your work.

      We love you,

      • Dear Uncle Tree and Aunt Stevie,
        Yes, you can share my poem with friends! Here is a Saturday poem:
        You wake up on Saturday and there is no school.
        You see some chocolate that makes you drool.
        You want to go jump in a pool.
        That would be cool, but I’m no fool. The water in the pool would be too cool.
        So I decide to ride a train that uses fuel. Hopefully the train ghoul follows the rules.
        That’s all for now….. Thanks for the birthday jewels!
        Love Nica

  12. Great picture Stevie!! Happy, Safe New Year….Tree be nice to your fan they are unpredictable

  13. I had a similar incident involving a ceiling fan in Tulum, only I went to it (it was off this time). Never stand on the bed in the dark in Mexico. However, I had also been bit on the finger by a monkey earlier that day, so the whole memory is a little blurry…

  14. Don’t you know that what’s happens in the New Year you do all yea! rSorry to hear about your nose job, That’s awful I hope you heals fast. At first I thought you were talking about a person fan! Fans suck you in like a jet fan then would be nothing left of you!!! Feel better and I hope you don’t scar! I’m glad you had a quiet nice New year! Happy New Year to you both! Stevie must of been scared to see that! Take Care: Lots of Love: Cathy

  15. mamatuyas says:

    Well, Little Bunny Foo Foos –
    Nica was right on in her poem. She understands just how you two operate!
    (I personally remember the three cock-a-doodle-dos right outside our window in Huanchaco last year- singing out all night long and driving us koo-koo! Great memories . . .
    Hope your “boo-boo” is better soon. – so glad you have each other . . .

  16. Cyndi Lou says:

    Hijos: Happy New Year

  17. Aunt Debby & Uncle Barry says:

    Happy New year to you two, 2011 was a fun year, one of my highlights would have to be getting together with you when you came back to visit. Maybe if we can swing it we can be one of your 2012 highlights when we come visit. Sure going to try. BE SAFE and watch out for your fan’s!

    • we would LOVE a visit. We won’t be making it back to the USA in 2012. Miss you guys. xoo

      • You won’t be coming to USA in 2012? What about your trade show? 🙁
        Did you make the banana bread, Stevie?

        Sorry about your nose, Tree. You continue to remind me of Jim. Please be careful out there! xxx

  18. Emilia Valles says:

    feliz 2012 stevie and tree!

  19. those are the best NYE I think – just hanging out at home with a good movie, loved ones and home cooked food! Sorry you got attacked for a fan again – lol my husband is completely against them so maybe there’s a reason why.

    Hope you’ve got a great start to 2012, Tree and Stevie!

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