I am NOT adopting Dingle-Berry

Well, it appears that the Mongo debate has officially made it to the office betting pool circuit.

Based on early polling from Outdoorplay headquarters, it also seems that I need to officially start lobbying support for my side, (thanks Kody and Jason for your vote).

People, stand with me. If we don’t establish a precedent now, where is it going to end?

Case in point – There is a street dog who lives on our block that Stevie has named him Dingle-Berry.

Unlike cute little Mongo, Dingle-Berry is extremely nasty. He smells so bad that even Kiki won’t go near him. The other day when I got downwind of him I almost threw up in my mouth. The poor fella is in the worst shape of any street dogs we’ve seen in 13 countries.

To make matters worse, it looks like he was hit by a car recently. He has open, festering wounds from being dragged under a car.

Anyway, he is officially on the Sprinter Life dole now. Stevie has decided to started feeding him.

A man has to draw the line somewhere.

Whatever happens, I am NOT adopting Dingle-Berry!



And I mean that. I’m serious. I’m putting my foot down.  




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  1. ok i am with you on this one Tree….Put your foot down!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ahhhhhh, you rock Stevie. You don’t have to adopt Dingle Berry, Tree. Just nurse him back to health, teach him to look both ways before crossing a street and find someone to adopt him.

  3. rosagordon2003@hotmail.com Rosemary Gordon. http://www.hsi.org/about/how_we_work/local_empowerment/hsi_animal_advocates/rosemary_gordon_peru.html ‘Asociacion Humanitaria San Francisco de Asis’ see: http://ahsfa.org/

    Just up the road from you!!! A woman who might be worth knowing for ideas?
    PS Sorry Tree…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Are you two gonna start a Humane Society down there now? How is the school for kids going by the way?
    Going to have to nominate you for Sainthood soon – right up there with Mother Teresa!

  5. mamatuyas says:

    Ah Tree, we all know you’re a closet pushover. . . Especially when Stevie is involved.
    Just get yourself a little doggie-van-on-wheels to pull behind the Sprinter. You could gather yourselves a whole TRIBE of canine friends to support. But I vote only Kiki and Mongo in the Sprinter – (Save some room for my grandchild in there!)
    Love ya.

  6. Alexander says:

    St. Francis would be proud of you. You could go broke around here rescuing dogs. My friend has 13 – including a wolf cross – and two rescued horses.

  7. Stevie, save the adopting for when you have the space to do it right. Help Dingle-Berry convalesce and then move on to the next dog.

  8. good luck, Stevie looks like she’s a softy ☺

  9. Emilia Valles says:


  10. Look at Kiki in the background. You know she’s thinking “Stevie, if you let this DOG near the van I’m going to piss on something that belongs to you and act like I dont like you for a month.”

  11. Bryon Blofstein says:

    Funny, when you were even saving animals with your job a long time ago. Yes they were rhinoceroses.

  12. I’m with you Stevie. What’s one more in the pack if there’s a dog in need. Maybe this will help convince Tree. (I’ve never embedded a video in a comment space, so you’ll have to copy and paste this link to your browser. Good Luck : ) maybe you’ve found a calling, is there a need for a dog adoption center in Peru? http://youtu.be/JqvzFqdnwE0

  13. Andrea Greever says:

    haha who are you trying to kid lol yes you are lmao

  14. U have to bath him treat his wounds and help the poor guy out! U would not want to be in that state…

  15. Lorraine Chittock says:

    Dingle-berry needs waaaay more help than Mongo! Go Dingle-berry!!! Go Stevie! May the Dogs be With you….

  16. Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it….

  17. I just saw the photo close up.. Poor baby. Wish it were easy to transport dogs across the border. I’d take him. : (

  18. Brian Tupper says:

    Poor dog!

  19. Karen Widmer says:

    Look at it this way Tree, it truly doesn’t look like dingle-berry has that many years left in him, could be a short sweet romance.

  20. Teri Hogan says:

    tevie, we have a lot of homeless street dogs here too. Yesterday I was walking behind an American woman carrying her beautifully groomed schnauzer in her arms and on the leash behind her a big, dirty, bedraggled, sad looking yellow dog. I asked if I could help, she said she was okay, she was taking the street dog to the Vet. She said she couldn’t stand to watch him wander around anymore she was going to take him home. Thank goodness for the good souls like you Stevie and the lady on the street here in Puerto Vallarta.I’m sure D-berry is happy everytime he sees you coming.

  21. Is there a local vet or doctor that will give you an app dose of antibiotics for him? If not I might be able to help. If he has open wounds he will def need antibiotics inside and out. If you can get me his approx weight I may be able to score some meds for u. Let me know.

  22. You don’t have to adopt them all…but bless Stevie’s heart for caring for them and making them feel loved. Maybe you can just help him along a bit and find him a home. I do think opening an adoption center may be in the cards for you!

  23. ‎”06/01/2012 – Tree & Stevie’s around the world trip ended abruptly when they realized that 30 dogs could not fit in the Sprinter…….” *grins*

  24. Your doing what ya can for sure. We cant save all the animals from the people Yet

  25. Anonymous says:

    Make sure you get some antibiotics into his food. Clavelin should do it.

    • Clavelin…okay, tomorrow Tree and I will stop by the vets to see if we can pick some up, or at least something equivalent. We’ll get Dingleberry back up to speed in no time!

  26. Stevie you rock,
    But, tree has a point “when is it going to end” I say nurse him back , let him love you and you him then let go.
    Stick to your guns Tree, It’s a fine line….


  27. Monique Saul says:

    Hahaha! Sarai’s boyfriends last name is Berry, he totally needs this dog!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Seriously Tree, he got dragged by a car man!
    Since he’s already on the Sprinter Life dole, you can unofficially adopt him!

  29. oh man…poor dingle berry. I am with you on this one – there’s probably a limit as to what you can do for this poor fella. I’m assuming you’ve looked into whether you can report this dog and injury to a local animal society? If Kiki is sending the signals to avoid this dog, there’s probably a good reason. Adding a 3rd dog to your pack is mighty complicated. At this point, there’s probably not much you can do to help him other than give him food and hopefully put him in the hands of animal authorities. I’m assuming he’ll need lots of rehabilitation (both physical and emotional) to function as a dog for any household in the future. Good luck to you, dingle berry!

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