New Sprinter Life Video – Northern Peru

Julio, our good friend and traveling companion, just put together a cool video of our 2 week road trip through Nothern Peru last month. The footage covers our journey from Chicama to Cajamarca to Chachapoyas to Lobitos and shows why Peru is quickly becoming our favorite country in the Americas.

Have a great weekend everyone!  – TREE


Click Here To View-


Below, Julio gets aggro at Lobitos:


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  1. Awesome vid. Jealous of the surf. Here in El Salvador it’s pretty weak. – blessings

    • yeah bro, I think that place only picks it up from the south. Wrong season. Although we had good waves in February at Tunco. Kinda thugy but a fun wave.

  2. Too beautiful !
    Are you sure you’re allowed to have that much fun ?

    Sooooo jealous !

    Best Regards,

  3. stevie.. hoy por la tarde con los bebes en la playa que dices!!! frente a fito pan 😉

  4. Hey ,
    Way cool video, Julio rips. What in the water temp?
    I see u guys are wearing wetsuits?
    Since I cannot get my passport for about 18 months I’m planning a Grand Canyon trip.
    I have been there but, did not get to really experience it like I wanted to.
    Not gonna let this chicken s#%^& rap stop me from traveling!!!
    Carry-on and be safe.


    • Hey Willy,
      the water temps are very similar to socal. I’ve been wearing board shorts now with a 1mil top. Have fun at the canyon, it’s one of my favorite places on earth.

      • thanks Tree,
        I feel better knowing there are so many cool places to travel where I don’t need a passport.. You said the Grand Canyon was way cool? I’m stoked, Spring or winter is probably a good time for my trip. Right?
        Is it expensive to do the rafting/kayak thing? Can your boys @ outdoorplay help?

  5. Hey Y’all-
    Glad you are still having fun out there. Great video… great surf. What a life! I am looking forward to getting in the water after the jungle tour of duty ends. See you in a month.

  6. Colin Lantz says:

    How come only guys surfing and only gals dancing?

    • Stevie only surfs in the absolute optimum conditions. The tide has to be right, the waves soft, the water warm, the stars perfectly aligned.

      I am the same way with dancing.

      • Colin Lantz says:

        Aww come on, I bet you do a lot of dancing after a few bottles of wine. Maybe Stevie needs to apply this technique to surfing?

        • I like your line of thinking Colin. I have often pondered how a half a Xanax or possibly a glass of wine (although not together) may enhance my performance in the water.

  7. Nica and Noni says:

    What do you do in a Time Out?
    You really really really pout!
    ‘Cause mom will get mad if you start to shout,
    And once you’re in trouble there’s no way out!

    You can’t be happy in Time Out,
    You can’t even eat one bean sprout!
    You might miss your meeting of Girl Scouts,
    If you end up in — Time Out.

    Thank goodness I’m not in Time Out
    If I was I’d stamp and shout.
    Cause its no fun, NO DOUBT!
    And having fun is what its all about . . .

    From your Bean Sprout Girls

    • If you’re not on Time Out,
      Are you on Time In?
      What is it like
      Where you have been?
      Is it foggy or sunny,
      warm or cold?
      I heard that you are
      another year old.
      Congratulations about that
      I’m very impressed
      you’re quite the achiever
      and always well dressed.
      Thank you for the poems
      I have a whole pile!
      I sure do love you
      and your funky cool style!!!

      Aunty Stevie

    • WOW Nica, another amazing poem. You are coming out with some great ones lately. Does it take you a long time to write one? How do you come up with all the words that rhyme? Have you thought about write a book of poems?

  8. mamatuyas says:

    Great video Julio!

  9. hey I’m with Stevie – I only surf in optimal conditions =P. If I get dragged out when it’s less than ideal, well I suck it up and go but I do complain and groan. I’m sure my hubby would say the same about dancing too.

    That surf looked damn delicious though!

    I loved that you guys made this video – I want more sprinter life videos please!!!

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