Occupy the Courthouse – We’re proud of you Mom!

Below is an email and some photos that we got from my Mom yesterday. What a great example of how we, the people, CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Sprinter Life would just like to take a moment to say,

“We’re proud of you Mom!!!”


From Tree’s Mom:

Today a hundred of us Occupied the Federal Building, protesting the year-anniversary of the Supreme Court “Citizen’s United” decision which says that “Free Speech = Money”. This being little Bellingham, the occupation was all very non-violent and a lot of good discussion and planning got done.

One of Occupy Bellingham’s main missions (Yes , Occupy groups can focus on goals) is to get the MONEY out of politics. And one of our strategies is sponsoring a resolution in our City, whereby Bellingham will condemn the Citizen’s United decision and support true campaign finance reform ( i.e. publicly funded campaigns) . You know – like most of the rest of the world has . . .

When we are successful in this first endeavor, (and we will be) we will move on to the state level. We hope to serve as a model to the rest of the nation that normal human beings CAN take back our rights and freedoms from corporate control.

After all, Occupy movements are not a bunch of “lazy shirkers” like the media would have you believe. There were folks in business suits and middle-class mom’s with their kids, lawyers and activists and business people. Concerned intelligent people of all ages.

Grassroots movements CAN facilitate change. I have to believe that.

Stay Awake My Friends. And wish us luck . . . Angela

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  1. Montana is also working at a state level to reject Citizen’s United. And so is LA.

  2. Go MAMA!!!!!
    I am so proud of you. Thank you for your example. I am inspired.
    Love you!!

  3. Citizen’s United Overturned in NYC & Montana


  4. good work. We need everyone to get on board with this. The current repulblican race is proof enough that something is very very wrong.

  5. mamatuyas says:

    Yes! Yay LA City Council! Yay Montana and NYC! This is the kind of action that inspired us in Bellingham, and this is what can WORK!
    At this point, I believe that grassroots action is our last resort, because the government (which should be protecting us, and our planet), is OWNED by the corporations. Literally, bought and paid for. But we CAN make a difference if we don’t give in to apathy – (which is exactly what the 1% want us to do – stay ignorant, stay wrapped up in our “entertainments” and personal dramas, stay apathetic). Only when we end corporate “personhood” and get the money out of politics will we be able to work on initiatives that will enable us to leave a viable planet and a healthy democracy for our children to inherit. There are SO many issues to work on. You can take your pick:

    For instance: When I traveled through the Andes in Peru, visiting Stevie and Tree, I saw plastic bags and garbage blowing EVERYWHERE across the mountains. And the beach in Huanchaco was littered with plastic and garbage every morning. Anyone who has traveled in South America knows the problem with plastic garbage. The Pacific Gyre (plastic garbage dump in our ocean) grows every day. Check it out: http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/campaigns/oceans/pollution/trash-vortex/

    The conservative estimate is that the Pacific Garbage Patch is now the size of Texas. (And thats only one – there are five.) Edmonds, Bellingham and Seattle were the first cities who banned the use of plastic bags in Washington state. We did it through grassroots action. Now Washington State is working to become the first STATE to ban plastic bags. The corporations are pouring billions into lobbyists and propoganda to fight these intitiatives, but little by little we are making a difference. But its just the beginning.

    I have to say; I hadn’t done any civic work in a long time. I just felt like the problems were too overwhelming and my efforts wouldn’t help. But really, you two, Stevie and Tree, inspired ME to look around and find some way to get involved again. I have some hope again. Thank you.

  6. Hope is a great motivator as is desperation we, the1% CAN make an impact.
    We, even though we are the 1% still (most of us) never really suffer as do third world countries without basic civil and human rights do. It is inspiring to see you guys in action!!

    Carry on,


  7. nice!

  8. Teri Hogan says:

    Right on Angela!

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