Sprinter Life Animal Shelter Update…

I guess the word on the street is out. If you want a good free meal, go visit 132 Las Palmeras street in Huanchaco. Below is our latest visitor, Sativa.  She lives across the street from Julio and Lauren.  They must have told her about the dinner party.

You remember Dingle-Berry, the dog that Tree absolutely won’t adopt… (remember Dingle-Berry here)

Well, shockingly, he is hanging in there. Since he’s not actually allowed in the house due to his rank odor, I approximate a meals-on-wheels service and hand-deliver his boiled chicken parts with a bucket of water.

Last Saturday, Kiki had a play date at the beach with Mongo. After some fun in the sand, he came home with us for a few hours, had a bowl of lump, and then went out carousing the bars, as he’s wont to do.

But then we didn’t hear from him for two whole days.

(I think someone was feeling a little used.)

On Monday morning, our friend Ursula Facebook messaged me from her work and told me that Mongo had had an accident.  She said she saw him at Mamachas later that Saturday night and noticed that his butt was bleeding.  In fact, it hadn’t stopped bleeding since that night, and now it was Monday, and she had to be at work all day. She was really worried. Could I help?

Now, I love Mongo, but the last thing a mother wants to hear about her would-be son-in-law is that he was spotted blithely wandering around the town bar with a bloody ass.  How would I ever explain this to Kiki?

Long story short, Ursula arranged to have someone meet me at her apartment to open the door so that I could pick up Mongo.  I brought him home to assess the situation, and sure enough, he had a deep gauge in his butt that was oozing blood.  I will spare you the photos.

An hour later, Mongo, Lauren, and I all piled into a taxi headed for CliniPets.

I think we might have lost a lot of Mongo points on this visit.

The eyes say it all… “Oh gawd Mama, please don’t leave me with this person who just stuck a cold metal stick up my butt!!”

While we were there, I figured we might as well have him completely checked out. First, we took some blood and sent it to the lab; results are due back on Friday. Second, the townspeople of Huanchaco had told us that Mongo was blind in his left eye. They diagnosed this by noticing that his left eye was always closed.  I guess, technically, if an eye is always closed, one is ‘blind,’ but, more precisely, it turned out that Mongo simply had an eye infection.  Sadly, it had gone on so long that it led to an ulcer and severe inflammation, otherwise known as Popeye-eye.

After his hard day, Mongo needed a nap on a satin pillow.

I blew our weekly street dog budget (and then some) on eye drops and, after only a couple of days, it was a miracle, MONGO COULD SEE AGAIN!

I wanted to get him vaccinated, but we have to wait for the blood test results and for his bum and eye to heal. He escaped the needles for at least another week.

All in all, I think he is still pretty grateful to be an almost-adopted-please-daddy-please unofficial member of Sprinter Life. In fact, according to Mongo, his new role is “defender of the pack.”

Wherever we go, whether it’s to the beach or a restaurant, he’ll set a 30 foot perimeter around us and stand at high alert. The downside is that he’ll bark at or chase anyone or anything approaching us–including the waiter.

Doesn’t he look handsome in his new, first-ever collar?  -STEVIE

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  1. Poor Kiki. What is in her tail? Street dogs…sheesh!
    I am so blessed to be your friend because I know that if I ever find myself out in the street, you will take me home with you:) You are an amazing soul, Stevie! I love you.

    • for the record, a certain other soul has to pay for all that dog food. That’s pretty amazing too. 🙂

      • It goes without saying, Buddy. You are a pretty great soul, too. Sorry for the slight. xxxc

      • We are all very grateful for the food, shelter, walks, pets, medicine, treats, scratches behind the ear, and good times that you give us. We love you!!! Kiki, Mango, and friends. (Mom things you’re pretty awesome too, but she has her own list.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely Tree. AM.AZ.ING! Your willingness to share your resources makes it all possible.

  3. Tree,
    Consider yourself lucky, right now it’s a dog, and a pretty handsome one at that. When you get to Africa it will be children, so consider yourself warned. Fill up the sprinter NOW!

    Sending you guys love from under a 1/2″ layer of ice,

  4. Oh lord,I know Tree said that our paths will cross somewhere in both our travels,but after seeing what happened to Mongo…………….well,at least get me drunk first 🙂

  5. TREE is so cool, it really doesn’t occur to him to be anything BUT generous with the street mutts. 😉

  6. There HAS TO BE tons of good karma gained when tending to rectal bleeding (and goopy eyes) in strays. You both oughta be set for at least a couple months!

  7. Monica Kelly says:

    I love this dog…his instinctual herding of you and Kiki is awesome.
    He will repay you by saving your life someday, I just have this feeling.
    The fact that Kiki loves him is a sign, love the pic of you doing the eyedrops, while Kiki sits at your back, sooooooo adorable!!! BIG 🙂
    Auntie coco

  8. Zaina Shuibi says:

    you are the best mama ever stevie!

  9. Tree,
    When u hang with Mother Teresa the karma ,seems to spread.
    I learn so much from your altruistic nature and It’s obvious from your replies that you are rich and loving souls. .The most generous thing you can give is your time and a compassionate ear. OH! and dog food!!

  10. Oh yeah. ‘Compassion Karma’ totally ripening.
    The Sprinter Tribe is soooooo awesome.

  11. Just don’t adopt me please 🙂

  12. Teri Hogan says:

    He looks very handsome, Mondo is a very fortunate pooch!

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