…and so is the way of this life.

WOW, how the hell is it almost the middle of February already? It seems like we just celebrated New Years!

Over the last 6 weeks we’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with visiting friends, and that always seems to make time go faster. (We miss you R + J!!)

We met some cool overlanders in the last few weeks, including Josh, Andrea and little Lotta. Perhaps we’ll see them down the road… but it’s always hard to say.

I think these guys are moving fast, and therein lies our dilemma when it comes to hanging out with other overlanders… we move REALLY REALLY SLOW. 

Most overland travelers are on a trip with a fixed time line, and we are not. We’re not even on a trip anymore. We’re just slow living, so new waves of overlanders pass us monthly.

The next slowest people we know are Luis and Lacey from Lost World Expedition, but they too have now left us. I hope we see these guys again. We really liked them. But they are already mumbling about jumping this continent and moving on to Europe, so it’s hard to say.

I tried to give Luis my expert Sprinter Life road advice before he left, but he was having none of it. It’s been 2 days since they left and I just saw this on Lost World Facebook…

“Attempt to drive from Huanchaco to Huaraz through El Cañon del Pato: Massive fail due to landslides and tire failure… We are in Lima!”

Luis, I like the use of the word “massive” in that post. I’m just gonna say it this one last time. I told you so. Ok, now carry on bud. I love you.

Seriously though, that’s overlanding in Central and South America. That shit happens. All the time.

And so now that everyone is gone and our social calendar is clear, Stevie and I have fallen back into our daily routine. She’s working on the kid’s school/NGO, taking spanish lessons, doing yoga, writing, and, of course, feeding me, Kiki, and the stray dogs. I’m working and surfing… oh, and there is a rumor that I’ve been signed up for Salsa dancing lessons. Joy.

It’s crazy to think that we only have about 6 more weeks before we cram everything from our nice 2 bedroom apartment back into the Sprinter and head south after our friends.

And so is the way of this life.



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  1. Renee Scherr May says:

    Thanks for the shout out. We miss you and Peru life, you all and the waves too. 6 weeks is gonna fly by, hope you feel refreshed and ready to move on. Miss ya. We are setting up our vegi garden tomorrow. Guess we are laying some roots here, you all always have a place to crash with us.

  2. I love your slow pace! Maybe if you continue this slow pace we can catch up with you. Our latest plan is to stay in Baja for 8 more months. Do we qualify as some of the slowest Pan-Am overlanders, ever?

    • 8 months! For real? Wow, that is a long time in the baja.

      Good for you though. One of our only regrets is not spending enough time in Baja. We’ll still be in S America when you guys get here and we’re looking forward to meeting you.

      have fun. TREE

  3. LOVE the sideways sunset . . .
    Actually, I can hardly wait for you guys to get to Chile so I can come visit you in ANOTHER new country.
    (In the meantime . . . I’m still doing the planning for my trip back to India!)

  4. Bummer we missed saying goodbye to you two. We are jumping over to Chile soon to set up camp in some new digs just north of Santiago. There’s always a room waiting for Lost World and Sprinter Life.

  5. Wait, you guys are the slowest? Is that some kind of dare? Cause I will drive back north and wait you out! I will turn this LandCruiser right back around if that was a dare!

    Oh and the drive to Huaraz is still on, as soon as they clear up the roads 🙂

    Big hugs to the pack.

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