Happy Birthday Valentines Day To My Favorite Girls!

Why is it that whenever a woman rescues a dog, she always decides the birthday is February 14th?

Why? Someone please tell me. I understand that the true birthdate is unknown, but what’s wrong with January 14th or March 14th?

Clearly women have absolutely no idea of the pressure this puts on a man when they double down on the LOVE holiday.

Good thing I take this seriously. Always the A-game. Always.

Happy Birthday Kiki! I love you. You’re the best dog in the world.


And Happy Valentines Day Stevie, my sweet lady.

I love you more than anything else on this planet. You’re the only thing in the world that could get me to voluntarily download and watch the 4th Twilight movie. Get the popcorn ready…

this is gonna be… just GREAAAAAT!  – TREE



Hey Mongo, guess what? Your birthday is St. Patricks Day! Who knew? I can’t wait. Let’s go out and party little buddy.




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  1. PS You are gonna love the 4th Twilight movie and don’t try to hide it….I know your secret!!!

  2. OMG Tree. YOu are SO dang funny!
    (And Cheryl – when Tree was a little kid he wanted to BE a vampire . . . (and a Hulk, and Spiderman and Superman)!
    Don’t get me started on his costumes! . . .
    Stevie, is he wearing a cape tonight? Look out!

  3. Happy day to you both and Tree too:)
    Oops! Mongo too!

  4. Happy Bliss and Joyful Valentine’s Day to you and all your Sweeties!

  5. Tree, I found a poodle, it’s been in a fight with a cat, it lost, do you want it? Happy V D

  6. Teri Hogan says:

    Awwwwww Happy Valentine’s day to the 2 couples..Stevie y Tree y Kiki y Mongo!

  7. Monica Kelly says:

    From this picture I can tell…….Mongo will never be homeless again!! ♥ Happy Dog Day to all 4 of you!!!!

  8. Lorraine Chittock says:

    Kiki looks beeaauutiful! (And Mongo looks handsome.)

  9. Tree, Her birthday could not have been on January 14th or March 14th because she was born in February. It had to be a date in February and a date I could remember. Valentine’s day fit her personality the most, because she was such a princess!

  10. that’s my future dog, that adorable one on the left. will you be my valentine, mongo?

  11. Montaña Azul says:

    jaja!Qlindos!! la Dama y el Vagabundo!!

  12. Stevie you’re so lucky that Tree will watch Twilight with you!!! there’s no ways my hubby would do that.

    Mongo is looking really really good. Looks like he’s learning lots from Kiki.

  13. More Twilight – uugh
    Don’t know why our lovely ladies are so vampire crazy and mine reads all the books of course.
    I have spent my life dealing with vampires in business and politics, as soon as you turn your back they suck your blood. I sure don’t need more for entertainment but what are ya gonna do, she’s from venus I guess.

    Keep up the good work you two – Rick in SoCal

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