Huanchaco, Peru – It’s all about the sunsets

When we arrived in Huanchaco, Peru back in October we were ready to get out of the van and sprawl out for a few months. We had been on the road traveling non stop for over two years and we were road worn.

We were lucky enough to find a really great 2 bedroom apartment a half block off the beach for a little more than $300 a month. This easy access meant that we could enjoy one of our favorite things in the world…


Most evenings around 6:00pm you’ll find Stevie, Kiki, Mongo and I sitting of the beach in front of Las Palmeras Avenue watching the locals and waiting for the sunset.

As my friend Luis from Lost World Expedition keenly points out,

“Huanchaco is all about the sunsets!”


Speaking of which… It’s that time of day again. Have a great weekend everyone!



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  1. Ahhhh! Beautiful!!!

  2. Hey,
    Short sunset story …
    In 1889 I was 30 and had been working construction(hardwood floors) and had lots of latitude as far as traveling and taking time off as long as our plans were known ahead of time.
    I got a job @ the city of Torrance(went through a battery of tests, hoops and was the first time in about 10 years I had to do the 7:30-3:00 thing..
    I knew how good the job was for my future, social image and a happy father who wanted the best he could see for me.
    The thing is my perception was so grossly different than ‘The best he could see for me”…
    I quit the 7:30-3:30 and long story short, I Started with the trash crew as a “swamper” hangin off the right side of a front loader trash truck (7ton capacity) actually was a cool job got in great shape.
    A chance to move up, A test with a two part 20 questions. A couple of which required a bit of simple safety simulated senarios and one required an essay response as well as a tool I.D. section..
    I aced it and got to pick to either change and go to a choice of two other departments or stay on the trash crew..
    I had the trash crew wired and all of us got along well …… I just was not content with missing so many sunsets.
    The guy who was a grade school friend got me the job at the City .. He took it personally ..At first…. My dad flipped out!! I split to La’ticla a little point break about 300 miles N. of Acapulco. We stayed there for almost seven weeks, taking trips back and forth to Boca de Pasquales, near Tecoman in the State of Colima (about a 2 hour drive) The point is… I would have never went to La” Ticla if I would not have had the courage and intuition to know that job was not ME!!… And the trip was a kazillion warm water dream waves …Ohh!! SO DIVINE!!!
    Have you surfed the mainland like pretty far south M’ichoacon and or Colima Its just N. of Puerto Escondito.
    If not you would dig it but, it looks like you’re getting muvho ollas so keep droppin in my man.. As always stay safe

    • I meant 1989 DOH!!

    • Hey Willy,
      We drove that section of coast and surfed our way down. It was pretty amazing. I think the drug war is having a real negative effect on that area today though. Pretty sad. When we were in Acapulco the found the heads of 15 narco gang members in the trunk of a car. The place felt like a military war zone. More cops than I’ve ever seen in Mexico in one spot.

  3. Stuart Dyer says:


  4. Liz Ancona Libman says:

    Love this picture!

  5. Renee Scherr May says:

    Amazing! So glad we got to experience it first hand with you all! The rest of you all are missing out! Go to Peru!

  6. claro, te amo
    Lava pequeña

  7. Love the pictures especially the one with Stevie and Mongo on the beach. Truly an example of a ‘lucky dog’. Kinda like youTree.

    La buena vida – Rick

  8. Such nice sunsets and happy smiles! Well played, guys.

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