Overlanding – More than just a lifestyle

Overlanding as defined by wikioverland.org is…

“all about traveling through countries “on the land”, with some kind of vehicle,  for an extended amount of time. Exactly where you go, what vehicle you take and how long you go for are all up to you!”

At this point I think Sprinter Life officially falls into the definition of overlanding…

As mentioned above, people choose many different types of vehicles for overlanding, from cars to jeeps to vans to giant expedition RVs…

Shortly after Stevie and I decided to change our 1 year Pan-American road trip into a full on around the world lifestyle change, we contemplated buying one of these giant RVs, (click here to remember).

Looking back on it, I’m glad we didn’t. I can see this being a great rig for some people, but it is too big and is way overkill for our needs on the Pan-Am. Our opinion is that the best vehicle to drive Central and South America is a van. And we might be biased, but the best van is clearly the Mercedes SPRINTER. Having said that, I’ll admit that nothing LOOKS cooler than a vehicle from Global X.

The Euros love Sprinters. Check out this converted Sprinter we ran into at the Mercedes dealership in Peru. The owners are Dutch and are on their way to Alaska.

People often ask us if we’re lonely out here on the road so far from home?

The answer is no. We do miss friends and family tremendously, but we are not lonely. Out here there is a whole community of International Overlanders to keep us company.

We find each other online through our blogs, and friendships are formed long before we ever meet face to face. Then hooking up is simply a matter of visiting one of the Pan-American circuit campgrounds…

Here you will find tons of Europenen Overlanders, plus your occasional American!
When our paths finally do cross, it’s as if we already know each other. Case in point, the infamous period of the Adventures of Pleasure Life in Central America. That was an intoxicating, euphoric combination of ADVODNA, Pleasure Device, and Sprinter Life. We did no harm, I promise…
We’ve met so many great people out here on the road it’s hard to keep track, like our friends Logan and Brianna from PanAm Notes. They have an Overlanding vehicle for sale in Chile by the way…just sayin, maybe it’s time for you to take that trip of a lifetime? click here for details
Our year long online friendship with Luis and Lacey from Lost World blossomed when they arrived in Huanchaco 3 weeks ago.
Their plan was to stay a couple days. They are still here though, and more than willing to throw an Overlander BBQ at the campground…
Below, Luis cooks up a… something meat.
I think it’s pig, but this is Peru so you never know for sure. It tasted amazing though!
On a side note, check out the size of the avocados down here in Peru.
NO GROWTH HORMONES here people. El Natural…

Anyway… To me, the most inspirational Overlanders are always the ones traveling with kids.

These travelers are almost always French, (although we do see Germans as well). Like this French family of SEVEN who we met in Panama. They had just arrived after completing a trip around South America and were eager to explore Central.

And of course there is the pride of the good old USA, the Bodes. I think these Americans ROCK! Check them out… http://bodeswell.org

Below: Jason, Angela, and Bode in San Francisco before embarking on their Pan American adventure almost two and a half years ago. Currently at large somewhere in Chile…

Currently here in Huanchaco, Peru there are a couple families passing through. I love this photo below of two overlanding kids meeting for the first time. One is French and the other German. They both speak 3 languages, usually at the same time…

To most Americans, the idea of moving into a tiny van with a 2 year old kid and driving through “dangerous” countries like Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia, Colombia, and Venezuela is absolutely INSANE.

But the Euros just call it “holiday”.

God bless them. They keep family adventure alive!


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  1. wow, that is one huge RV! what the hell is that thing you are parked next to?

  2. yyeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhh

  3. M. Johnson says:

    Does the French family of seven have a blog or website? We’re moving onto a sailboat next year with our baby boy, but who knows? Overlanding may be in our future too!

  4. K.I.S.S.yanno?.
    Some of those Euro’s drive rigs that are Paris/Dakar capable,or at least look like it,I mean,really?.
    The fuel and repair bills must be astronomical.
    I nearly made the move to a camper truck last year,but then I thought better of it,I wouldn’t be as mobile.You can’t drive those big MAN Diesel trucks in a lot of small towns and villages.A bit overkill.

  5. Roma Gershkovich says:

    I love taking photos of peoples trucks too 🙂 we met this german couple in Moab Utah, similar truck as that big one that they built themselves.They just headed south, say hi if you see them in Peru. http://reisenomaden.de/

  6. Barrett Elizabeth says:

    ey, I love your blog! We did a 2 month journey from fl- cali and back to fl last summer in my tiny vw golf. We couldn’t get enough of the freedom the road provides! We’re planning an over land life style for the near future. Trying to get a sprinter asap! I love your blog and hearing about your adventures… Great inspiration! Live it up! Wishing you peace, love, positivity, safe travels, good music, great health and happiness! ♥

  7. rock on!

  8. MOG!!

  9. Val Vanderpool says:

    I can’t believe how much that thing dwarfs the Sprinter!

  10. Greg Hobson says:

    I dont think that is a Mog. It looks like a Earth Roamer. made down in MO. It may be on a Mog chassis though.

  11. Mick Evans says:

    Chuck Norris’s version of the “Sprinter” – good for overlanding and picking up cash from banks *grins*

  12. Man, that thing even makes Sprinterlife’s ass look small!

  13. Anonymous says:

    very cool to see those familes travling with the kids in tow. How lucky are those kids!

  14. Tony Laguna says:

    i feel left out 🙁

  15. Deby & Barry says:

    I think you have the perfect setup, probably better for the environment too. When are we going to hear first hand how it is to travel with kids?

  16. <>

    I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to wait 2 years to join the club. Thanks for reinforcing the idea that not only is it totally doable, but people are totally doing it! Yes!

  17. Many years ago I was a cruising sailor on a little boat and the French! always travelled with tons of family. Also, you could be in a giant anchorage all by your lonesome and the French boat would ALWAYS come on in, sail past all that open space only to anchor right on top of us. I guess they like the closeness! A LOT!!

  18. Always astonished at the worlds you guys manage to pack into your posts – thanks for the inspiration! I’ve done some creative riffing and theft for my Sprinter RV blog, hope you don’t mind. Check it out and let me know if you have any feedback/corrections.

    P.S. Hope the school is going well!


  19. That looks like one Awesome home made smoker. It always amazes me to see what we Overlanders can and cannot live without… a Smoker is one of the things that made the cut list 🙁 Alas, space is always and issue.

    Great posts, keep em coming!

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