I know, we’re slacking…

I know, I know, we’ve been slacking on the blog updates.

Right now we’ve got a lot going on. Too much to cover in this post, but I promise a better update soon. In a nut shell, we’re busy.

Stevie is SUPER DUPER busy. She’s been going through the process of creating an NGO for the Huanchaco school (remember the last school post here). Creating an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in Peru is about as hard as it sounds. Lots of paper work and running around to different offices only to be told to come back tomorrow. But she’s persistent. She really wants to set up the new school in a way that it becomes completely self-sustaining. That way when we leave, the school continues.

I love my wife. She’s like Superwoman. No f#ckin joke.

I’ve also been working hard. Very.

I’m prepping up for another border run. Our 90 day vehicle permit is about to expire, which means I have to drive 12 hours back up to Ecuador, cross the border for 10 minutes, then drive all the way back to Huanchaco. I can’t believe they don’t have a better system for this. It’s so frustrating. I hate stupid rules more than I hate stupid people.

Stevie is going to stay behind on this run and my buddy Julio is gonna join me.

Hopefully my run goes better than our friends from Lost World. Luis and Lacey just got jerked around on two different border crossings. Granted, they are currently traveling under a known and ferocious curse, but it’s a reminder that you can never take anything for granted in South America. It could be smooth as butter, or it could be the worst day of your life. Just depends on who is working and whether or not they’ll take a bribe if things go south.


After this border run we’re gonna chill for a couple more weeks and then head out on a little road trip to Bolivia. More on that later.

That’s the quick update. We promise more soon.




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  1. You two are amazing!!!

    • Hola from Santa Cruz!! I’ve missed your updates! It does seem like Stevie is Superwoman, you go girl! So awesome, all that you’re doing for the community.
      Thanks for the continued inspiration you two!

    • Thanks Sel. It’s all Stevie!



  2. mamatuyas says:

    Yep, we’ve missed your blogs like crazy, but you two take care of business and then get back to us when you can. You are SOOOOO worth waiting for!

  3. So glad you are blogging again. Stevie check out the Spanish story “vuelva usted mañana” by Mariano Jose de Lara. It’s an old school critique on Spanish society and how long everything takes. I have it in an old literature book of short stories from college but you can google and find una resumen de este cuento. Interesting social critique. Hope you are well and safe border run!

  4. Hey guys…looks like life is running as normal. We were just thinking we wanted to contribute to the school cause…are there any supplies you’re still especially needing? Let us know.
    Jim & Rhonda

  5. Chris Shinpaugh says:

    Yep! Super woman who cooks…

    Lucky dog.


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