MONGO – Hard To Kill

Yesterday Mongo had his latest close call, and this one almost finished him.

We were gone all morning running errands. When we returned home we found Mongo laying on the front door step soaked in his own saliva, unable to move, barely breathing, with severe muscle tremors bordering on seizures.

A quick examination of his body and the vomit by his side revealed what we had instantly suspected. Someone had fed Mongo poison. Rat poison wrapped in chicken.

Unfortunately this is a common occurrence. For the most part, Latin America has a love/hate relationship with dogs. We’ve seen it a lot in the last couple years. Remember the poor dog who died in Costa Rica a year ago? (click here). Stevie tried to save it, but was too late.

We rushed Mongo to the vet. That was a long 10 minute taxi ride. I thought he was going to die right there.

He was not doing well when we got to the vet. She went to work on him and I caught Stevie actually praying.

After medicine was administered, he nursed on an electrolyte/vitamin solution IV for eight hours. Although, it looks like he is going to live, he is still very weak, shaky, and unable to stand or walk for any length of time or distance.  We fear that he has suffered permanent neurological damage, which is the main long term effect of rat poison if it doesn’t kill you.

Whoever tried to kill Mongo gravely underestimated this dog. It’s been proven time and again…

Mongo is hard to kill.

And a personal message to the muther F’er who fed Mongo rat poison,

I’m looking for you.

You are a cold hearted coward and when I find you, I’m going to force feed that same meal down your throat. I promise.


P.S.  Dear online veterinarian friends, if you have any information that could help us get Mongo the treatment he needs to make a full recovery, please tell us ASAP.  Due to Mongo’s sudden and violent onset of symptoms, the vet seemed to think that he ate a type of rat poison with phosphate in it, as opposed to the other slower acting kind.




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  1. OMG i am so sorry to hear about Mongo! that is just so wrong. I would think by now everyone would know that Mongo belonged to someone. i hope they are not intentionally trying to eff with you guys and i would watch Kiki closer… i hope he has a speedy recovery<3!

  2. Cate Brubaker says:

    Oh no!!!!!! 🙁
    I’ll email my cousin really quick.

  3. Aaron DeHart says:

    The treatments described online seem standard.
    To treat a dog who has eaten rat poison, a veterinarian will:
    1. Induce vomiting within two hours (ideally at a veterinary hospital, but you can do it at home with several teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide).
    2. Start treatment with vitamin K, 5 mg per kg of body weight, twice a day for three weeks or longer.
    3. If later than two hours, but less than 12 hours, give activated charcoal to help prevent absorption of the rat poison.
    4. If more than two days after ingestion, check clotting times and give a plasma transfusion which contains clotting factors in addition to starting on vitamin K.
    5. In some critical cases, intravenous fluids and other supportive care including blood transfusions may be required.

  4. Ben Braymer says:

    I’m so sorry man, seeing them suffer like that is terrible.

  5. Judy Shuman says:

    “Thinking of your precious sweetie! ~ Please be well soon! ~ I love you!” ~

  6. Milto Messinezos says:

    i thought we had this kind of idiots only in my country but it seems there are everywhere. sorry guys 🙁

  7. Adrian Waterman Tregoning says:

    I hope people like this get poisoned themselves. Sick, sick, sick… F88ken bastards. Get well soon Mongo!

  8. Kathy Mueller Hansen says:

    Oh my gosh, I am so sicken by this. My thoughts are with you

  9. Atom Crawford says:

    Breaking my heart. Sending lots of hope and love…

  10. Sean Vierling says:

    Sending good energy!

  11. Charlie Munsey says:

    Thinking of you and your dog… please keep us updated.

  12. Jene Fielder says:

    Stevie,,flush his system with water, use a hose , until he vomits, then give him milk to give him diareha ,,clean out his whole body..then let him sleep..So sorry to hear this..Poor little guy..

  13. Freida Whiddon Cox says:

    OMG- so sorry to hear this Stevie…praying for a good report..

  14. Sarah Lechago says:

    WOW, THAT IS TERRIBLE!!! Thinking of you and your precious baby.

  15. Teri Hogan says:

    Oh no, poor Mongo. He is so lucky to have you guys to look after him. It is the same here in PV. A love hate relationship. I will say a prayer for Mongos recovery and he has no brain damage. Hugs

  16. Cate Brubaker says:

    Did he get vitamin K?

  17. Pinda Hall says:

    Praying for Mongo!

  18. Joseph Rufra says:

    Love to the dog, Haterd and violence to the cowards who did it

  19. Dottie Miller says:

    Flush his system…looks like that is what you are doing….lots and lots..and so sorry to hear this…..hoping he is better soon…..

  20. Chuck Seaman says:

    so sorry Stevie. sick f*#&s! should spend time with the breed of my choice

  21. Charlie Munsey says:

    We need to change the laws in America for starters so that crimes against animals are felonies with mandatory prison time.

  22. Jolie Pollman says:

    Vitamin K1 is generally the antidote at very high doses for humans and animals for the first couple days… and then continuously for several months at a more normal dose. it needs to be K1 though I believe. Good luck. Sorry thats Horrible!

  23. Catherine Hiltgen says:

    OMG what a monster to do that!!! So SO sorry love bug 🙁

  24. Rosemarie Zarro says:

    My dog had that done to him as well many years ago we took him to vet and he gave him some medication as soon as we found out. Told to give him very little water and wait it out but he passed away that evening. We came and found Prince on the side of the house he couldn’t move but his eyes said everything. A bone was found in the yard laced with rat poison. There was a neighbor on our street that hated his barking and from what we found out but couldn’t prove it was him. We tried to keep as quiet as possible but we had clues that the horrible person was that neighbor.

  25. Holly Hahn says:

    Poor baby! I know there’s a hell for such acts of hatred…I’m so happy he’s making it through –

  26. Charlie Munsey says:

    Tree… maybe you could post a reward for info helping you find out who may have done this.

  27. wow
    algunas peronas recomiendan
    darle de beber aceite
    cuando toma veneno
    pero en el momento
    no despues
    es una accion muy rapida
    para sacar el veneno
    pero bueno
    ojala se mejore

  28. Melissa Clark Riggs says:

    Bless your poor dog, hoping that the positive energy generated by others as well as your love and the capable care of a trained vet can help to heal him. I have been through it before, and all I can say it that it is a sorry, sad individual that would take out their hatred on an innocent animal.

  29. Hope for a speedy recovery. and the sob that did this gets theirs.

  30. who would do such a thing? Pull a Tonya Harding on him!

  31. Poor Mongo! How cruel. My roommate’s dog had something similar happen, and while it took a while, she did recover. Her only lasting damage was burned vocal cords so a very reduced bark. And she lived to a ripe old age getting spoiled by her owner who never again let her outside unattended. You tell Mongo that he’s a Trujillo and Trujillo’s NEVER give up! Fight, Go, Win!

  32. Gigi Cuccaro says:

    What a mean thing to do to any animals who can not defend themselves. Our pets trust us to love them and take care if them. Bella sends purrs and meows for your dog’s speedy recovery.

  33. Steve Cox says:

    My prayers are for Mongo today……….I can’t bring myself to read this portion of your blog. I hope for a his speedy recovery. Words can not describe what I wish for his poisoner…..

  34. DaReel Tfreezy says:


  35. Gabe Sladek Musolf says:

    so sad…I am very sorry 🙁 hoping the doggy gets better!!

  36. Jennifer Cornett says:

    Poor Mongo! I am so sorry Stevie and Tree. Sending love to all of you.

  37. Guy Loften says:

    Induce vomiting, if cant give him Milk, the fat can absorb some of the poison.

  38. Ava Rizzo says:

    so sorry to hear. We lost our dog that we think someone poisoned. People can be very cruel. I hope you are able to save him.

  39. Peter Banta says:

    Best wishes for Mongo. ♥. Lord help any person who did this to my dogs… They are my K9 Kids & family. You harm my family, and you are in deep shit… }:/

  40. Get well soon Mongo

  41. Mira Puta cabron que trata a martar el pero se llama Mongo. Te busco. Cuando te encuentro, y te encuentrare, te alenmiento matarattas hasta erres muerto. Dipues Mongo comera tu cara. disfrute tus dias ultimos.
    Maybe stevie can proof read that and you can post it on signs all over town.

  42. Bethyn Merrick-Nguyen says:

    i hope he gets better! he is surrounded by a lot of love.

  43. Louisa Baxter says:

    stevie I am so so sorry xx

  44. Cheryll Anglin says:

    Oh man. Poor Mongo. I hope he pulls through okay. 🙁

  45. Megan Tinsley says:

    poor thing….:( prayers for you

  46. if this was my baby i would take her to the Vet

  47. Cindy Chischilly says:

    So Sorry to hear about Sweet Mongo. My prayers are with all of you. Please keep us updated.

  48. Brian Tupper says:

    Poor dog, hope he feels better soon!

  49. mamatuyas says:

    Beautiful family – you all take care of each other in every way you can. Your devotion to Mongo will be his highest medicine. I wish good good things for each of you.

  50. Candy Woodby says:


  51. Zayna Zane says:

    stevie do reiki on him!

  52. Janet McLaughlin Bowman says:

    I will pray for your baby, and when you find out who did such a despicable thing kick him in the crotch for me and my Amos…Love to you all

  53. Monica Kelly says:

    I dont know if it works on dogs…but there is a clay….cant remember the name of it right now, but it engulfs the poison and keeps it from getting in the blood stream….can anybody help me here? after I relax from work my brain may start working better…my prayers are with Mongo!! ♥

  54. Darlene Smith Hunter says:

    How sad. What did your vet say?

  55. Patty Bowman Wrenn says:

    Vitamin k

  56. Emilia Valles says:

    so sad,i prayed for life in JESUS name amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Stevie, this is form our good friend and vet in our town. let me know if we can help.

    They need to give vitamin K1 every day for four weeks. If they absorbed any of it, it is the only way to save them. Let me know his weight and I can calculate a dose. You really can’t find high enough doses over the counter. If need be I can script some out to Annie and you can express mail it to them. It is very important to get vitamin K…if they give it, they will have no problems with their dog. That might be a good future article for the paper. Let me know if you need some to mail them or if they can get some there that is OK…I can tell you a dose once I know how much he/she weighs.

  58. I don’t even know you or Mongo but my heart is sad to think someone would do this to a sweet animal. Sending positive energy and prayers your way. please keep us all posted..

  59. Anonymous says:

    ahhhh, ke mala nota… mucha xuerte

  60. Oh i am so sad, what a terrible thing for poor Mongo and you two to have to go through. I will see him healing and happy in my dreams tonight and hopefully I will have my dreams come true! Lots of love coming your way!

  61. Jeanine Alexander says:

    oh my god thats awful

  62. Andy Everywhere says:

    goodluck mate, how did you discover the cause? is it that common, the vet knew what it was?…

  63. Hope you find that F@%K!

  64. Michelle Galliano-Salinas Smith says:

    Sooo sorry. I hope Mongo bounces back. Positive thoughts to you all. I hope for karma to whomever did this.

  65. Hilary Miller says:

    Hoping your dog is on the road to recovery.

  66. Ruin Runner Expeditions says:

    Hang in there buddy……

  67. Michele Ivers says:

    some people are so evil!!

  68. Jonathan Beamon says:

    dude try givin him beer it will help him out for real

  69. Jackie Martin Isham says:

    Raw Eggs helps.

  70. Reagan Gagnon says:

    vitmain k is the antidote!!!!!! rat poison is warfarin….give vit k immediately. im so sorry. this is horrible. maybe he needs to come to US now?

  71. hey guys, i sent stevie a bunch of emails re: OP poisoning in humans and dogs. it seems like he has intermediate syndrome of OP poisoning. you can admin pralidoxime up to 96 hours after the event, either IV, IM or oral. although the oral route is slower. if he is acidotic, which the vet can determine, you should give him sodium bicarb, aka baking soda to fix his pH. all the details are in the emails, and im here if you need for research, phone calls to US vets, etc. im going to call the animal poison hotline now and see if they have any additional advice. love to you all.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Very Sorry to hear about Mongo. We will be thinking about him. He will make a miraculous recovery, this is nothing compared to his street life

  73. Hi Guys,

    really sorry to hear about Mongo’s poisoning. I was actually in Pavones when you were there and we found out who commited these crimes in Pavones. I will email you privately… I hope Mongo recovers quickly.

  74. Jim Rhonda Delameter says:

    OMG…that is terrible. Our prayers are for all of you and poor Mongo! Keep us updated

  75. Hang on Mongo!!!
    I pray for the soul of the miserable, angry person who will suffer ten fold if he or she has not already…

    Much love,

  76. Daniela McLean says:

    I see a lot of comments siting vitamin K as the answer. Rats are poisoned with anticoagulants in N America, but in S America, it is most likely that the poison contained strychnine. I am sure that the vets there are doing all they can. I was most concerned about the comment about him not being able to drink. Can he drink at all? Dehydration will be very hard on his kidneys and might result in irreversible damage. You can go a long time without food but not water. Likely there are not a lot of IV fluids around? If the vets feel he has a chance, keep up with it, I sure they have dealt with their share of poisoned dogs. It was one of the scariest things for us when we were traveling and I was PETRIFIED to let Mungo out of our sight. Good luck guys, my thoughts are with you. If he does pull through this, maybe he should become a “kept” dog. I fear it won’t be his only brush with poison otherwise.

  77. Mongo you poor baby!!! Nala sends her healing love. What a horrible thing to do but it doesn’t surprise me given people here in the city have been known to poison dogs. It happened a few times last summer at a nearby dog park and others have been known for leaving chocolate around. People disgust me.

    But Mongo is a kick ass ninja dropping badass so he’s going to fight this!!!

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