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Sprinter Pack Update:

It’s been a really tough few days. As many of you know, last Friday Mongo was poisoned by someone. Since then we’ve learned of at least one other dog who died within the last couple weeks from poison. We’ve put out a 100 sole reward for any information leading to the identity of the coward who is doing this. I think we’re closing in on the person. We have several leads.

As for Mongo, he is not doing well. He is pretty much paralyzed. He can’t walk, stand, eat or drink on his own–and he pees himself.  We’ve spent a lot of time at the vets, and we’ve even had a vet come here to the house. Although he is in bad shape, all the vets seem to agree that he has a good chance of recovering. So we are doing everything we can to nurse him back to health. Thanks for all the great advice offered in the last post. It was very helpful.

I’m not sure how it is all going to play out, but one thing is for sure. Mongo is one tough dog. I have no doubt this would have killed most dogs. Mongo, the street dog from Peru, the King of Huanchaco is a fighter.

Aside from that, we’ve been busy prepping for our upcoming trip to the USA. In case you missed it, we’re flying home because I need surgery. click here for details.

We bought tickets and we’ll be in LA for 3 weeks. We arrive April 22nd and my first operation happens the following day. My goal is to have both ears done while we are there.

We’ve got lots of prep work to do before departure, specifically with getting the van ready to travel. We plan to drive 10 hours to Lima instead of taking a 1 hour hopper flight. That way when we come back we can continue south. We’re planning on doing a 4-6 week road trip through southern peru and into Bolivia upon our return.

After that we’re going to circle up back to Huanchaco to catch the swell season at Chicama, the longest wave in the world. That’s the quick update from South of the border.



PS. – Julio and Lauren finished the masterpiece painting, which is now hanging in the living room. So badass!


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  1. Melissa says:

    Who is going to watch the pups while your here?

    • We’re trying to find someone who can take care of Mongo here in Huanchaco. We’re going to take Kiki with us to Lima and find a doggie hotel.

  2. praying for your baby…….xoxoxo

  3. Adrian Waterman Tregoning says:

    Sending positive thoughts from Cape Town! Go Mongo!!! You can do it..

  4. Ursula Martìnez says:


  5. Jene Fielder says:

    He’ll make it Tree..You have to flush that poision out of his body,,.This hurts so much…

  6. Jason Skinner says:

    You punch that asshole right in the balls for me when you get him

  7. Judy Shuman says:

    Be well soon precious darling! ” ~ xo

  8. Cindy Chischilly says:

    I’ve been thinking about Mongo and you guys. Sending healing vibes/prayers.

  9. Freida Whiddon Cox says:

    Poor baby…praying for complete recovery…

  10. Cate Brubaker says:

    If any dog can make it through that, it’ll be him. I was just thinking today about how Frankie/Mongo must have his picture on hundreds of FB pages from around the world. I used to love to watch him hustle the backpackers! I’m thinking about all of you! ♥

  11. Whats going to happen to mongo when you are gone? Poor dog

  12. Chuck Seaman says:

    hang in there, all of you

  13. Veronica Grey says:

    Stevie no kidding, I’ll fly in to watch Mongo. You know me, any excuse to travel (and surf 😉 ♥ ♥ ♥

  14. Anonymous says:

    poor sweet guy!

  15. poor boy

  16. Viva Mongo, the wonder dog!!! Get better soon.

  17. Leslie Freeman Davidson says:

    Mongo we are all sending you amazing energy, get better soon, I’m waiting for your surfing video

  18. Ursula Martìnez says:


  19. Mafa Olea Pozo says:

    jaja, mongo?¡? pobre mi bebe mango pero el tiene una estrella que lo cuidara siempre

  20. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear about Mongo. That’s really tough, I know, because it happened to me. I had just spent 4 months of intensive treatments nursing a dog with severe mange and malnutrition back to health when she ate some poison and died on the spot. In this case it was poison that a rancher had put out for the coyotes that were harassing his cattle.

  21. Yeah!!! Go Mongo!! Wish he knew how many people care!!

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