Lurking in Lima

Our week in Lima went by pretty fast. We had a great hang with Lost World Expedition. We were camped out in a hostel parking lot right in Mira Flores.

Stevie and I fell right back into the rhythm of van living. It’s hard to explain how our perspective shifts when going from a huge 2 bedroom apartment to a 100 square foot van. Living in a van isn’t for everyone, but if it’s in your blood then you just can’t imagine living any other way!

Our daily routine with Lost World basically consisted of lurking.

These guys are pros when it comes to “the hang”.

Even Kiki was vibing the slow pace…

The rumors about the “Lima Fog” are all true. It goes from being sunny to extremely gray for long periods of time. For this reason I don’t think I could ever stay here long term.

Over all we were impressed with Lima though. We came in with low expectations, but it’s actually a cool place.

Since we’re coming back later this year, we didn’t really spend a lot of time hitting the attractions.

We’ll save all the museums for our return trip. That’s what I told Stevie anyway.

While we were here we also celebrated my birthday.

Another year. Wow. This ride is going by way to F’in fast.

If anyone knows how to slow this thing down, please let me know.

This morning we get on a plane and head to the States for 3 weeks. Our big trip for the year. We can’t wait to see family and friends.

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  1. Happy late Birthday Tree!

  2. Happy belated Birthday, Tree! You guys look fabulous! Safe travels. c

  3. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Little Lava

  4. Happy birthday bud, Good luck with the surgery in the states.

    Nice to see Luis brought out his creepy sex swing for the party!

  5. Aunt Debby & Uncle Barry says:

    Happy Birthday Tree! Looking forward to seeing you two in SoCal. Travel safe, as always. I’m sure airplane travel makes Van travel look like the Ritz.

    Love you
    Aunt Deb

  6. Hey Tree-
    Time to start baby proofing that van.. First tip is to get rid of all your knives.. lol.

  7. Michael Lorenzo says:

    Can’t wait to see you homie. Hope your travel to the states is a pleasant one. Your about to see the world threw a new set of eyes. Once you experience fatherhood you feel love like you never felt it before. It is so special and personal that only having your own child can get you to feel it. All the best see ya soon.

  8. Tree & Stevie: Just wishing you a Happy Birthday! I hope you had a fun birthday! Kiki looks content:-) Love Cathy

  9. Mick Evans says:

    I remember my first ear surgery, the anesthesiologist popped by to let me what to expect, then, shot some soduim pentathol into my IV to relax me, 5 seconds later – it worked !!! *grins* Ear plugs from now on though – the bone grows back faster the second time………..

  10. Cheryll Anglin says:

    Good luck with your surgery, Tree. I will be thinking of you and sending you positive energy.

  11. Mauricio Arredondo L says:

    Tree dude, I was wondering about your surgery, so seems like your on your way…. good luck hermano, keep us posted bro

  12. Madrigal Madri says:

    pura vida 3 amigos !!!!! my best always!!

  13. Julio Bonifaz says:

    hey just arrived in Lima…god luck with the oparation True jiyo
    let me know your dates mayby w catch up in cuzco

  14. And Tree, when they take the molds of your ears, ask for them. It’s way easier to get replacement earplugs that way.
    Sending you a little extra love Tree. You’ll be great.

  15. West Hansen says:

    Smuggle some Sublimes into the states, please.

  16. Bernard Barbour says:

    Safe Travels 🙂

  17. Jordan Reed says:

    u guys are classic! love it all!

  18. mamatuyas says:

    Take care of him Stevie. You know how he gets in hospitals . . .
    Love ya.

  19. You're Welcome says:

    Check out

    Why slow down aging when you can reverse it?

  20. heal up quickly!

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