Successful Ear Surgery #1

At the top of my list of things to get done on our trip to the USA was double ear surgery.

After being diagnosed with Exostosis a few years ago, I ignored the problem until it became serious. That happened while we were in Peru, (remember that post here). Peru is a country where they don’t even do ear surgery, so we came back to California.

On Monday I checked in to House Ear Clinic, one of the most famous ear clinics in the US. I was encouraged after meeting my surgeon. As bad as my ears were, he seemed confident. They knocked me out and went to work on my right ear.

I woke up in recovery and was told that the first surgery went well, but the ear was a little worse than the doctor had thought. After cutting in behind the ear and puling it forward, the doctor was able to see more bone that needed to be drilled. This took longer than expected and ultimately led to the need for a skin graft.

I’m no stranger to surgery, or to pain. I was expecting some discomfort. But I found that this ear surgery was a different kind of pain. For the fist time I actually voluntarily took my pain medication, and I doubled the dose. The first night was pretty bad. It’s gotten better but I’ve still spent most of the week in bed.

One ear down, one to go.

My next surgery will be middle of next week.

To all my surfing and kayaking friends out there, I have one thing to say to you…


If you don’t wear them it’s not a matter of if, it’s when.



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  1. Hey Tree, sorry to hear the news. Take care of yourself and get better soon amigo.

  2. Damn Tree! I want pictures of you with the white Pricess Leia buns…try to get ahold of the sexy outfit from the Jabba The Hut scene too. Feel better

  3. Jay Gattuccio says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Oh man.. I hear you. Boating with Sam a few weeks back.. He mentioned that I don’t look like I want flip over. He’s right. Now I know why. Sorry about your pain, thanks for the share. Really hits home.

  5. You’ve sure banked your time in hospital beds buddy. Hope you are well.

  6. Fernando Ângelo Costa says:

    All the best!!! and a quick recovery!!!

  7. Cheryll Anglin says:

    Man I hate seeing you in a hospital bed! Rest and recover quickly.

  8. Candy Benteu says:

    Feel better soon Tree. Thinking of you a lot. Hey… maybe they could do that Star Trek look that you and Stevie had a few years ago.

  9. mamatuyas says:

    You could be on your own “Survivor” show.
    See you in a few days, m’hijo. I’m bringing GFC’s to help the recovery. . .

  10. you should have had both done at the same time, so you would look like a doberman with cropped ears ; ) Having sympathy pains for you sweetie…

  11. Tyler McAdam says:

    At least you’ll be able to relate to the pain the missus will be going through when she gives birth 🙂 hope they are giving you some good drugs brah!

  12. I need to get my ears checked out and I am worried. Did you feel it before you went to DR?

  13. Tree & Stevie: WOW!!!! that surgery looks horrendous! I hope you will be feeling better soon and have little or no complications! Speedy recovery soon and hope the pain subsides as you heal. I hope your hearing is ok as well. Lots of Love: Cathy Alexander

  14. Sam Drevo says:

    You are scaring the shit out of me….. I am 80-90 % shut. I am not looking forward to the inevitable. I hate earplugs.


  15. paul lyttle says:

    CAN YOU HEAR ME NOWWW!!, and did Amonto donate the skin

  16. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear all went well with the right ear! Good luck with the left side!


  17. Madrigal Madri says:

    espero estés mejor muy pronto !!! buenas vibras …..

  18. John Rich says:

    Drill baby drill!

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