Into The Record Books…

At the first surgery, the last thing Tree said to me before he went under was, “Please, take care of my baby.”  Very cute. 

But yesterday was a little different.

Tree’s conversation with the surgery nurse right before the anesthesiologist put him under for his second ear surgery:

Nurse: Wow, what are you doing back here so soon?

Tree: I told you I’d be coming back in a week to have surgery on the other ear.

Nurse: Well, I didn’t believe you! That’s got to be a first for this hospital. We’ll have to put you in our record book!

Tree: What…. was.. the record… before?

Nurse: 4 weeks.

Tree: Can I… see the… record book?

Nurse: Oh I’m sorry, we don’t actually have a real record book.

Tree: You’re……….. a………… liar!


And the first thing he said both times while being wheeled into the recovery room? “I’m ready. Let’s go.”

The second surgery was a success. Lots of drilling and they had to do another skin graft, but Tree did amazing. I FORCED him to take lots of pain meds last night so he could actually sleep. (He makes a terrible patient.)

We’re both glad this is all over. Now he’s got two new feet and two new ears. Hopefully it will be a long time before we have to address the bad shoulders.

I’m not 100% sure I want our child to do all the crazy things Tree has done.  But somehow I have a sneaking suspicion that my child, Tree’s child, will find a way.  Mixed feeling, mixed feelings.




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  1. Tree just loves the personal attention he gets in the hospital. The lengths he will go to get a bedside bell is outstanding. Love you brother.. Heal up Firday is comin’ quick.

    Stevie you are to commended for your role in this. Tree is by far the most needy patient in the entire universe.

    Ding Ding…first comment bonus.

  2. Zaina Shuibi says:

    bravo tree all done!!!

  3. Madrigal Madri says:

    mi hermano, espero que pronto estés muy bien, un abrazo a la distancia y todas las mejores vibras del MUNDO !!!!

  4. Jeff Johnson says:

    blood pressure is a curious thing while on those surgery meds… always ask for help to visit a bathroom on them, (the source of My re-occurent downfalls when undergoing shoulder surgeries..) !

  5. Wow – it was 1 year apart for me. Is Tree hearing out of the first one yet ? Though coupla weeks for Tree, but def. worth it 🙂

  6. Ted Keyes says:

    Best Wishes for a speedy recovery!

  7. Judy Shuman says:

    What a Shining example of Courage! ” ~ Big Hugs! ~

  8. Vanessa Díaz says:

    Q pase pronto los dolores..suerteee!!

  9. Joyce Carlson says:

    One brave man I’d say to get that other ear done right away. Guess he was painted into a corner there.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Bien hermano…. Tree es un duro…

  11. Mauricio says:


  12. Mauricio says:

    Pronta recuperacion bro…

  13. mamatuyas says:

    WHAT is that “green stuff” in your I.V. ?!

  14. Mauricio Arredondo L says:

    Hermano… la mejor suerte… espero ke todo bien…

  15. Alexis Collette Mobley says:

    I love to see people like you two who genuinely express, show, and strengthen the love you have for one another….it is special, and not everyone gets to experience you kind of love…..congratulations on love, your hunny, and your new creation out of such altruistic love……only good things can manifest for your efforts!!!

  16. Stevie & Tree I’m glad it’s over, surgery is no fun! I hope Tree will feel much better soon! Take Care of yourself and the baby! Also the big baby Tree! He does have a big boo boo!!!!! Love Cathy

  17. Stevie, congratulations on the little nomad sprinter that’s on it’s way and getting your man repaired.

    I have enjoyed your journey everyday and wish you two (soon three) all the best of everything. If one of my guest houses didn’t have tenants right now I would have offered you guys a place to stay in Santa Monica.

    Keep it up, you inspire all of us blog-snoops – Rick

  18. BCasados says:

    Dear Ones,

    We are so happy things went well with the surgery. When are you heading back to El Peru?

    I just remembered in MiraFlores there was a bar called the San Francisco Bar I used to frequent it in my younger dayS

    Stay healthy, stay strong stay happy and use ear plugs.

  19. Sending lots of healing energy your way Tree! Hi Stevie, hug Cyndi for me!

  20. Thank God, its over,,now heal quickly..

  21. Anonymous says:

    ok, now that gave me a good chuckle this morning!!–K

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