Posted up in the Andes Mountains…

We left Lima early Sunday morning and headed up into the Andes mountains. Our destination was Caraz, a tiny town at the foot of the Cordillera Blanca (The White Range).

The Cordillera Blanca has some of the highest peaks in the Andes, which is the 2nd highest mountain range in the world after the Himalayas.

The drive up reminded us of why we love Peru so damn much. Below a little girl hides in the shadows of her home while fresh corn dries in the high altitude sun…

There is unreal rock climbing potential in this area. Untouched…

We love the indigenous mountain people in Peru. We don’t get to see them often since we’re always down on the coast, and they tend to stay in the highlands…

When we finally crested the range into the upper valley, elevation 13,500 feet, we were blown away by the beauty of the area. This is certainly one of the coolest areas we’ve been to in Peru.

We posted up in a nice hostel located off the Plaza in Caraz and gave ourselves a few days to get used to the altitude.

Below, taking a break from work to hang on our little balcony overlooking the Plaza de Armas…

There always seems to be something going on in the plaza. Below a full band busts out an afternoon concert. Random.

We took it in from the balcony…

Tomorrow we’re going to head up to a remote Mountain lodge to hang for a few days. We will be completely offline, which as many of you know is extremely rare for Sprinter Life, so family and friends please don’t worry.

That assumes I can find the place, and that the Sprinter can make it up the road. You have to love it when you receive instructions and they read as follows…

Find Avenida Raymondi and follow this road all the way to the top. When it comes to a dead end go left and then right before the river. Follow the river up to a bridge on your left and cross it. This road will fork further on, stay on the right of this road. The road turns into a dirt trail. Keep going up until you come to a clearing of trees with the river below on your left. When you see a steep incline, take the path to the left before a house going around. When the path you’re on rejoins the main trail, cross over the main trail continuing on the route ahead of you. You will have avoided Unchus entirely, which is very useful especially if you don’t have a 4×4, as that road is steep and rough. Follow the mountain road you’re on, sticking to the main stretch the whole time. 

I’m looking forward to what it looks like when the road turns into a dirt trail. Lovely.




Sprinter Life Book Suggestion

On a side note, we happen to be in the same mountain range where Joe Simpson had his disastrous and nearly fatal climb of Siula Grande (6,344m) in the Cordillera Huayhuash in 1985.

Simpson’s survival is widely regarded as the most amazing piece of mountaineering lore, and is documented in the best selling book

Touching the Void

It was later made into a movie, but I cannot recommend the book highly enough. Check it out.


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  1. Cynthia Rouzee Franken says:

    Do you turn left or right at the magical unicorn?

  2. Frank Cody Bartos-Ortiz says:

    Caraz looks magical…

  3. Victoria Hubler · says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing…and I understand congratulations are in order!! We are so happy for you guys! Safe travels!

  4. Gorgeous

  5. What a gorgeous area! Enjoy your time in the mountains, can’t wait for new pictures.

  6. cheryll says:

    Jim visited Cordilla Blanca. They posted up in Huaraz to acclimatize but never really could and they didn’t summit attempt on Alpamayo (I think). I have pretty photos, though. Enjoy your visit in the mountains but be careful of the altitude and the bumpy roads! Love you. c

  7. mashoud says:

    Beautiful photography and remarkable description of the environment. We all wish you safe experiences wherever you are.
    Heavens be with you.!!

  8. Hey you guys,
    I’m in AWE. I have climbed Mt. Whitney as well as hiked the John Muir trail from The summit of Mt.Whitney to Lake Tahoe. (211 miles) When I was fourteen years old.
    I went with a Junior High group. We had the Rangers drop provisions at designated spots and so on. I know the western Sierra Nevada mountains very well.
    The pictures you sent seem not only to dwarf anything I have hiked but look so untouched by humans.
    These are some of the best pictures from your journey. I cant wait to hear about your trek to the lodge.
    Un- fing believeable.
    To change the subject to check your reaction to something I want you guys to take a gander at. Go to want to read your thoughts both pro and con.
    Be careful it looks treacherous.
    Much love,

  9. Oh yeah,
    Did you figure it out? Stevie has a masters and Tree seems pretty sharp (although his first guess was a dog? LOL)
    OK… Two more hints for the challenged pair ….It weighs One troy ounce and reads ” In God we trust”
    That should do it

  10. Yep!!
    A Walking Liberty in “bu” condition.
    Our currency is in trouble. I have researched precious metal since 2006 and own a significant amount most of which I bought at $14 an ounce. Do some of your own research and I think yo will agree.
    A great start for a college fund.

    • Thanks so much Willy!! You are the first contributor to Baby Trujillo’s college fund. Concerning the U.S.currency, we’ve done some research, and sadly, we agree with you. You’re smart for buying precious metals a few years back. Good job.

  11. Christian Argueta says:

    Wow Tree. What an awesome adventure. Thanks for posting all these images. You’re truly living the life that millions of us could have the courage to live. Don’t forget that. Regards to Stevie. And again, Congratulations!

  12. Arlene Burns says:

    all so very nice..

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