WAY Fun Times In The Mountains

Several days at the Way Inn Lodge was exactly what we needed. Fresh air, spectacular mountains, and extremely limited internet.

The locals living in the mountains were absolutely beautiful and full of life. Stevie made friends with a couple kids who would hike all the way up the hill to sell fresh carrots. She was only eight, and her little brother four.

We did a lot of hiking and exploring. At first we weren’t sure how Stevie would do with the altitude (over 12,000 ft) being pregnant, but it was no problem.

Kiki was in heaven. She loves running free and the cool temps in the mountains!

The best part for me was the rock climbing. These mountains are covered with beautiful granite boulders just waiting to be climbed! They remind me of the Buttermilk boulders in California. Yes, that good.

Although I prefer rope climbing on bigger walls, bouldering is just good fun. There are said to be a couple dozen established problems rated up to v9, but overall the area is untouched. Aside from a few random chalk marks, I never knew if what I was climbing was a first ascent or not, so I had fun naming whatever I climbed.

I rolled with the theme of The Way Inn Lodge. Here are some of my favorites…

Which WAY



This was a really cool problem. I was stoked to send it off the couch. Got me motivated to maybe get back into climbing. There is a gym in Lima, so who knows…

The Hard WAY

Another good one following an overhung horizontal crack…

The WAY Out

This short, powerful problem had chalk on it, so it had either been done before, or it is an open project. Either way, it was too hard for me. I couldn’t send it. But I gave it a name anyway…

No WAY Jose

Given that I didn’t have a crash pad or a spotter, I tried to stay close to the ground. I wasn’t trying to get detonated on a stupid ground fall, again. But I had to give this highball a go. I found bolted anchors at the top, which was odd but not surprising. It’s a beautiful boulder.

The HighWAY

After following me around all afternoon, Stevie decided she wanted to put up her own route. We looked around and picked out this lovely boulder. I asked if she wanted any advice and she said…

“I’ve been watching you all day. I KNOW how to do it. All you do is throw your heel up and pull.”

And so there you go. Another first ascent. Not bad for being almost 5 months pregnant! She named it…


We’ve bailed back down to the valley floor to get caught up on emails and work. We’re planning to stay up here in the mountains for at least another week though. It’s a hard place to leave.




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  1. Suzanne says:

    Nice climbing Stevie! You’re a trooper! What beautiful landscapes. I must get to Peru!

  2. Daniela McLean says:

    We spent time at the Way Inn as well. If I am not mistaken, it is where we celebrated New Year’s Eve. It really is a slice of heaven, and I know what you mean about it being hard to leave.

  3. mamtauyas says:

    WAY cool.

  4. Walter Burkhardt says:

    Glad to see you back!! I like MYWAY and HIGHWAY!!

  5. Mick Evans says:

    Tree – nothing over 10 ft high or you’ll have to wear your kayak helmet !! (that looks like a whole lotta fun, well, for you & Stevie that is……)

  6. Cindy Chischilly says:

    You guys are just awesome. I love following along your journey. Thanks for sharing so much.

  7. Stoked you guys are back on the road!

  8. You two are full of life, I admire you!

  9. Thank you from every cell of my being.
    I was blessed from the day you staggered through the door at Rhino.
    You are both extraordinary and rich.

  10. Michael Lorenzo says:

    Welcome back to climbing brother. I think they only way back to such a dangerous game were you balance life and fun is on your own terms and only if you feel it in your soul. Much love. Noah days hello. Lorenzo

  11. I like that boulders aren’t too far off the ground.

  12. Aunt Debby & Uncle Barry says:

    Nice form Stevie….You Rock! I’m sure your baby will be climbing everything! Tree nice to see you back doing what you love. I like that you are close to the ground though!

  13. Anonymous says:

    WAY to go you two. I love this. Tree, I can just imagine how good it must have felt climbing again. Wonderful post.

    Stevie, you’re the best.


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