Back in Huanchaco…

After 8 amazing weeks on the road, we’re back in Huanchaco and ready for a break. Not 5 minutes after arriving Stevie went and picked up Mongo. It looked like he had lost about 10 pounds. Guess nobody else feeds him raw beef and chicken 3 times a day.

He also smelled like he had been partying for 8 weeks. Stevie cleaned him up and got him fed.

It’s really good to be back and catch up with all our local friends.

Todo es posible, nada seguro

Stevie wasted no time getting into mischief. She brought home yet another stray. This time, a tiny kitten that she found Mongo trying to eat.

No Stevie, you can’t keep it! No Mongo, you can’t eat it!

And honey please, NO MORE BRINGING HOME things you find in the street, including but not limited to dogs, cats, puppies, kitties, ducks or other birds, reptiles, things with fur, things without fur, and ESPECIALLY dying things.

After three months out of the water due to two ear surgeries followed by a brutal recovery, I was finally able to get back in the ocean! Surfs up bitches!

ps. Thanks Stevie for putting up with me the last 3 months. You must really love me! xoxox

Below, Stevie does our grocery shopping for the week. Check out that developing baby bump!

We’re both stoked to be back in our favorite Peruvian town.

Even though we now have an apartment waiting for us in Lima, we’re in no rush to bust out of here. We plan to post up in Huanchaco for a couple months before we move down to Lima for the birth.

Cada dia es mejor!




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  1. mamatuyas says:

    “Todo es posible, nada seguro”.
    I like your new by-line.
    And with you and Julio strutting your stuff out there,
    I’m almost sure everything is AM.AZ.ING.LY possible.

    Love from Whistler!

  2. LOL…had to laugh at the picture of Stevie holding the kitten while Mongo sits attentively waiting for his “treat”… hope kitty is still alive & well:)

    • That’s the perfect way of describing it! Yes, he was very attentively waiting for his ‘treat’:) As for the kitty, I fed him and then had to put him back outside (while keeping Mongo inside for a while). Not only would it have been impossible to manage Mongo and the kitty, but Tree reminded me that cat’s carry toxoplasmosis, which is very dangerous for pregnant ladies. I really hope the kitty found a safe place to hide until he grows bigger. There’s a lot of hungry street dogs in Huanchaco 🙁

  3. Cheryll Anglin says:

    Nice!! Happy Father’s Day, Tree:)

  4. Freida Whiddon Cox says:

    Love the baby bump!

  5. Shahdiya Kureshi says:

    Looking good! How many months?

  6. Judy Shuman ‎ says:

    ” SSSSsweeeeet ” ~ ” I’m soooo excited for you! ” ~ I have a new baby too! ~ The cutest most adorable tiny Chihuahua puppy! ~ Just got him today! ~ My grandson Sebastian named him Toby! 🙂 ” We’ve got some serious love going on here! ” ~ Happy day hugs! ~ ♥

  7. Rebecca Giddens says:


  8. Guillermo Grenno Manevy says:

    que bonita estas,los extranho.besosy aqui estamos esperando

  9. I love the baby bump! And gee that kitten looks cute! 🙂 What’s it’s name??? I remember reading an article about a guy who was traveling all around and a cat ended up joining him on his journey. This cat would just post up on the guys shoulder/backpack.

  10. Cathy Alexander says:

    Tree & Stevie. Keep the kitten, my cats and dogs love each other! I glad your ok after the ear recovery! Take care Love Cathy

    • Kiki loves kitties!! And, I suppose Mongo does too, but not for the right reasons. I think that he could learn to respect and co-habitate with a cat, since they can be formidable opponents, but a little kitty doesn’t stand a chance against him. At least not right now. I love him dearly, but he was a street dog, a.k.a. Gangsta, for three years. Granted, with lots of love and guidance, my little thug is reforming his ways.

      As for the kitty, I fed it but, sadly, couldn’t keep it, because of Mongo, of course, but also because I’m pregnant, and cat’s carry toxoplasmosis. Too risky right now 🙁

  11. Greg Lavespere says:

    Love it! Glad to see you are back in the water!

  12. Tree, you’re missing it. How about The first Annual Kiki and Mongo Huanchaco surfing contest to benefit stray dogs in Huanchaco.

  13. Kelly Breath says:

    I love the bump!!!

  14. Gail Heenan says:

    Oh Stevie, you look so cute! So does babe

  15. You could not be cuter!!!

  16. Stevie you look so happy. Tree glad you are back in the water I know how it is …. I need my left ear done … not looking forward to it … Rock-on you guys

    P.S I will hang on to the silver as long as needed but I want it to be known I was the first one to contribute to baby girls college fund!!

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